Bad Piggies Download: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Gaming Technology

I really love the Bad Piggies. This is the reason why i posted the Pigs Are Awesome, Birds Stink post. I also supported #JoinTeamGreen in twitter

But I guess news about Bad Piggies and Bad Piggies Download is not all good (reminiscing the “its all good” quote from the Angry Birds). Bad Piggies Download can go bad and ugly too 🙂

The Good

Bad Piggies reached the top spot in the iTunes App Store Download list just three hours after the September 27, 2012 launch.

Rovio had several great releases for 2012.  The Angry Birds Space and Amazing Alex games also topped the iTunes App Store Download Charts. But Bad Piggies games broke previous Rovio records with its 3-hour surge to the top of the download charts.

Bad Piggies continues to get great reviews from gaming and news websites like all IGN, Kotaku, Wired, Gamezebo and Touch Arcade.

The Bad
My Android phone is not compatible with the Bad Piggies game. I will try the Bad Piggies PC version over the weekend and see if I will like the gameplay . For more info on the Bad Piggies game play kindly view the Bad Piggies game play courtesy of youtube and Rovio.

But I guess this is just as bad (and sad) news for me (and not for other Piggie fanatics out there). But I am still hopeful (that I can buy a new phone just to play Bad Piggies 🙂 *woot*

The Ugly
Malicious and Fake Bad Piggies app are in the wild and users should be wary of downloading Bad Piggies apps that are NOT from official sources (Google Play, Apple Store, official Rovio sources).  Trend Micro warns about the ANDROIDOS_FAKEINST.A malware that can be downloaded from some Russian websites.

Quoting Trendlabs Security intelligence Blog

The said (Russian) site offers the said app on different platforms. Instead of the actual Bad Piggies app, users instead download a malicious .APK file detected as ANDROIDOS_FAKEINST.A. Once installed, it creates a shortcut on the device’s homepage and sends SMS messages to specific numbers. As mentioned, these messages are sent without user consent and may cost users to pay extra for something they didn’t authorize.

To all Bad Piggies fans out there: BE careful OK?

I will post some Bad Piggies review soon (and maybe some Bad Piggies cheats and tips too)