Holy Week Break: To South and Back


We went to south of Manila for the Holy Week break. We drove some 450+ kilometers (whole trip) and its really great as its been a long time since I last visited my beloved town (Lopez, Quezon) due to too many personal and family activities for the last 12 months. Just sharing some good news about the travel (and some bad and ugly bits too)

The Good
Bypass Roads FTW!

The Tiaong Bypass Road and Candelaria Bypass Road are great developments to South luzon travel. The Tiaong bypass


have been around for some time while the Candelaria was inaugurated at the last half of the year 2012.

Btw, the Lucena-Pagbilao-Atimonan roads are in better shape now 🙂

The Bad
Somewhere along our way to Batangas (Sto Tomas town I believe), the traffic was moving at a snail pace, the suddenly a convoy of vehicles with a police car in front did a counterflow along Maharlika highway. The plate is easy to spot and identify so I just asked my assistant to tweet it for me:

Akala ko hanggang Manila lang sya, pero abot pala ng probinsya yung utak-wangx2 nila.” (Sorry I can’t help it. As much as possible I avoid #politics and political commentaries here in menardconnect.com so I will keep it as short as a 1-liner)

For the uninitiated on what does that plate number stands for kindly visit this wikipedia page

The Ugly

Yup, Sariaya traffic was a mess! I twitted about it here.

My tweet is worth a thousand words. Nuff said! I really hope that they (sariaya local government officials) fix and remedy this recurring problem soon.

This south luzon travel explains why there have not benn much post here at menardconnect.com. But I’m back in Manila and will be blogging more often soon…

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