STATEMENT ON MILO MARATHON: Milo Philippines Facebook page

To share the other side of the Milo Marathon story, I am posting below the statement posted on Milo Philippines Facebook page: STATEMENT ON MILO MARATHON We are deeply saddened by the passing away of Mr. Remus Fuentes, a participant of the July 4, 2010 MILO Marathon held in Luneta, Manila. We reached out to… Continue reading STATEMENT ON MILO MARATHON: Milo Philippines Facebook page

HR1109: Kick that Con-Ass

And so the House of Representatives passed House Resolution 1109 “seeking to convene Congress into a constituent assembly that would amend the 1987 Constitution“. And that railroading was fast, really fast. Faster than how Motilium solved Barack Obama’s dyspepsia in my previous Obama in Manila post. Let me just say that I’m a big “fan”… Continue reading HR1109: Kick that Con-Ass

Pacquiao Hatton Fight on Solar Sports (and GMA-7 too)

[Update 05.03.2209] View results here at Pacquiao Hatton Results post. [Update 04.13.2009] I have posted some new video on Pacquiao Hatton HBO 24/7 Trailer plus one trainer trash talking. I was watching TV last weekend and saw several GMA-7 Flash Report on the Pacquiao–Solar Sports–ABS-CBN love triangle issue. The lawyer of Pacquiao is reading some… Continue reading Pacquiao Hatton Fight on Solar Sports (and GMA-7 too)

Pangandaman Golf Brawl

Today is Rizal Day. I should be writing about heroes and their commendable acts and how we should exemplify them. But here I am writing about Nasser Pangandaman Jr.  mayor of Masiu town in Lanao del Sur province, Philippines brawling up a 56-year old man and his son over some misunderstanding on a golf course… Continue reading Pangandaman Golf Brawl

Dec12 Rally: Stop GMA ChaCha

I browsed post and found out that the anti-ChaCha rally is today, December 12. Sorry I can’t make it but I am posting the invitation from the organizers (courtesy of Tonyo) as a show of support to the anti-ChaCha movement: Dear Friends and Concerned Citizens, Greetings of peace in these turbulent and uncertain times!… Continue reading Dec12 Rally: Stop GMA ChaCha