In Love and War Album

At last, Raven and I finally got our In Love and War Album. In Love and War is of course the CD Album of Francis Magalona and Ely Buendia. The In Love and War CD has 10 tracks. It features some great collab works with the good bands of today like Hardware Syndrome, Pupil, Gloc… Continue reading In Love and War Album

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My Eraserheads Concert 2009 Experience

March 7, 2009 is really a fun fine time. Just want to share some highlights of the Eraserheads Concert 2009 1. Opening song is Magasin. With matching fireworx! 2. From my Concert Day Wish List, the following songs were played: Fine Time Wishing Wells Sembreak (bonus track) SuperProxy (Dedicated to Francis M) Magasin (opening) Ang… Continue reading My Eraserheads Concert 2009 Experience

Eraserheads Reunion Concert Part 2 on March 7

Update (04.04.2009) The Eraserheads Concert 2009 will be shown on GMA-7 on April 5, 2009. Read my Eraserheads Concert 2009 in GMA-7 on April 5 post Update (03.08.2009) Just arrived home from the concert. T’was Fun! I have posted some highlights, photos and videos (soon) for the Eraserheads Concert 2009 Updates (01.21.2009) Ticket Prices??? VIP… Continue reading Eraserheads Reunion Concert Part 2 on March 7

Eraserheads Reunion Concert CD Review

I finally got hold of the Eraserheads Reunion Concert CD today. Raven and I bought it from Odyssey for PHP 305. The cd is manufactured and distributed by Sony BMG. I’m listening to the CD as I write this blog entry and I’m sweetly reliving the Reunion concert moment again 🙂

The CD quality is great!!! Definitely its not similar to previously posted videos in youtube wherein the sound quality is kinda basag na. It includes