The Voice Season 4 Hangover

One of the memorable performances I saw in The Voice USA Season 4 was the battle rounds between Judith Hill and Karina Iglesias. They performed It’s A Man’s World and their coach Adam Levine really had a hard time deciding who the winner was.

I recently found out that Judith Hill and Karina Iglesias performed that song again during the downtime of the show. But this time with a twist: Judith sang in Japanese, and Karina is Spanish 🙂

Watch their amazing performance in the video below courtesy of youtube:

The Voice Season 4: Come Together

Just sharing a video clip of one of our fave TV Shows.

Here is Adam Levine and Blake Shelton singing “Come Together” with the new coaches Usher and Shakira for The Voice Season 4.

Video Courtesy of

We will definitely miss Christina Aguilera and Ceelo Green but I believe Usher and Shakira will bring much fun to the show too! With this performance and the first episodes of the blind auditions we can see that the four coaches have good chemistry and Season 4 will be an exciting season for The Voice USA.

The Voice Season 4 premiered last week and is NBC is currently airing some blind auditions episodes. Will try to do more post about The Voice soon…

In Love and War: Dreamdate Lyrics

As a follow-up post to the Higante and Wasak Waltz Lyrics posts, I am featuring another song from the In Love and War Album of Ely Buendia and Francis M. This one reminds me of the old lyrics of eheads that have some sort of double meaning and it usually gets them into trouble especially the conservatives (remember Alapaap and the “drug” issue?). Definitely a cool and fun song here is track 5: Dreamdate Lyrics

(Ely Buendia and Diane Ventura)

Tuwing kasama ka isa lang ang gustong gawin sa iyo
Alam mo na ito kaya wag ka nang magpakipot jan
Sasama sama ka pero magiinarte ka naman
Please lang wag ka na mambitin

Ngayong katabi ka na
Wag ka nang umangal pa
Binayaran na lahat di ba dapat lang bigay mo na sarili sa akin
Akin ka Wag ka ng pumalag

Ako ang iyong dreamdate

Teka lang
Sandali lang
Wag kang padalos dalos
At ako’y nababastos
Respetuhin mo naman ako
Isa akong tao tulad mo
Pagmamahal ko ay libre
Di ako nabibili

Ely Buendia – Vocals/Piano
Yan Yuzon – Guitars
Dok Sergio – Bass
Wendell Garcia – Drums
Jerome Velasco – Guitars

The song was produced by Ely Buendia and Angee Rozul, and was recorded and mixed by Angee Rozul at Tracks Studio.

In Love and War: Wasak Waltz Lyrics

I am posting the lyrics of one of my favorite tracks from the In Love and War Album by Ely Buendia and Francis Magalona. This is track 8: Wasak Waltz and this song reminds me of the good old eheads days with its pace, melody and familiar lyrics. Goosebumps 🙂

Wasak Waltz

Eto na naman
Panahon ng tag-ulan
Di maiiwasan sa buhay nino man
Tulad mo rin ako
Isang pulo sa dagat
Na walang hanggan
Naghahanap ng masisilungan

Sa dinami-dami ng lugar
Ay dito pa nagkita
Gaano nga ba katagal
Ako’y tumatanda na

Pagkakataong tulad nito
Di dapat pinapalampas
Sabay nating harapin
Ang pag-asa ng bukas

Itaas ang kamay
At iwagayway
Masarap mabuhay
Itaob na ang tagay
Saan ka man pumunta
Meron man o wala
Diyan nagsisimula
Ang wasak na pagsasamahan

Pagkakataong tulad nito
Di dapat pinapalampas
Sa sakit na dinadala
Isa lang ang ating lunas

Itaas ang kamay
At iwagayway
Masarap mabuhay
Itaob na ang tagay
Saan ka man pumunta
Meron man o wala
Diyan nagsisimula
Ang wasak na pagsasamahan

Ely Buendia – Vocals/Keyboard/Percussion/Guitar
Francis M – Vocals
Sancho – Acoustic Guitar
Dok Sergio – Bass
Wendell Garcia – Drums
Jerome Velasco – Guitar
Andi Trinidad – Backing Vocal
Anna Rubio – Backing Vocal

The song was produced by Ely Buendia, Robert Javier and Angee Rozul, and was recorded at Tracks Studio, Pasig City. Wasak Waltz track was recorded, mixed and mastered by Angee Rozul.

Update 2010.10.01
I have posted the official Wasak Waltz Full Music Video on my Wasak Waltz Video post.

In Love and War Album

At last, Raven and I finally got our In Love and War Album. In Love and War is of course the CD Album of Francis Magalona and Ely Buendia.

The In Love and War CD has 10 tracks. It features some great collab works with the good bands of today like Hardware Syndrome, Pupil, Gloc 9 and Turbogroth, Hilera and Brigada, The Purplechickens and Radha.

Complete In Love and War Album Track List

Higante is of course the early favorite as this track have been teasingly aired since 2009. And as one commenter from my previous In Love and War blog post, it really brings goose bumps :). The 8th track Wasak Waltz is my next favorite since I love the familiar melody and cool lyrics too (reminded me of some old eheads songs 🙂 ) and definitely this one will be on the fav playlist. The Dreamdate (5th track) is a good and catchy one too. And Raven and I seems to have heard the Bus Stop (3rd track) somewhere else (don’t know if they have played it in the radio also).

The Album is a good one and I will do some follow up post here in my blog. When? Soon…

In Love and War CD Album costs 305 pesos. Grab your copy from your favorite music store… now.

My Eraserheads Concert 2009 Experience

March 7, 2009 is really a fun fine time.

Just want to share some highlights of the Eraserheads Concert 2009


1. Opening song is Magasin. With matching fireworx!
2. From my Concert Day Wish List, the following songs were played:

  • Fine Time
  • Wishing Wells
  • Sembreak (bonus track)
  • SuperProxy (Dedicated to Francis M)
  • Magasin (opening)
  • Ang Huling El Bimbo (Last song)
  • Pare Ko
  • Alkohol
  • Maling Akala
  • Back2me
  • Spolarium
  • Overdrive
  • Poorman’s Grave

13/15 🙂 We’re so happy. This is like winning the Philippine Lotto

3. Ely’s Magasin spin (“Medyo panget ka pa noon, hanggang ngayon“)

4. Maling Akala outro spin (Konting kuskos, Ayus! referring to a detergent bar ad tagline)

5. Ely distributed the workload (of lead vocals), I think this is a good strategy so that he will not be stressed to much.
6. We love Marcus’ version of Wag mo ng Itanong! This is a winner version! Remind me to find a video and lyrics for this song (Wag mo nang itanong! Di ko rin sasasbihin sa yo (reggae(?))

7. Raymund did some hell of a great performance out there 🙂 (Slo Mo, Alkohol and Insomnya)
8. Fine Time and Wishing Wells. Back to Back! Wow! I have to kiss Raven twice :*
9. Pare Ko lyrics spin (menardconnect might be censored 🙂

10. Kailan’s piano version (Solo Ely)

11. SuperProxy was dedicated to Francis “Kiko” Magalona
12. The band played part of Kaleidoscope World. Another tribute to Kiko
13. Last song is Ang Huling El Bimbo. Nice Fireworks and Confetti!!! I will try if I can post my one and only video shot in youtube
14. Ely poured some lighter fluid on a piano props and lighted it.
Its like some sort of a closure I guess
15. The concert supposedly ended. The people were already leaving the concert grounds and Raven and I were buying some drinks near the exit, but the band members came back on stage. They too were “Bitin”
16. They did “Three for the road” extra songs. Ligaya, Sembreak, and Toyang
17. I’m correct. Mcdonald’s is the exclusive provider of hamburgers in the concert grounds 🙂
18. I guess the band is more relaxed this time compared to the first reunion concert.
17. Whenever the crowd will request for “Group Hug” Ely will retort “Kayo Muna”.
Some pics that I got from my camera (sorry its low res)





No Super Proxy Shirt yet
No Super Proxy Shirt yet

I got the song list courtesy of Azrael

1st Set
1. Magasin
2. Walang Nagbago
3. Maling Akala
4. Maskara
5. Poorman’s Grave
6. Waiting for the Bus
7. Huwag mo ng Itanong (Marcus Version)
8. Slo Mo
9. Alkohol (Raymund)
10. Insomnya (Raymund)
11. Torpedo

2nd Set
12. Julie Tearjerky
13. Tikman
14. Wishing Wells
15. Fine Time
16. Pare Ko
17. Kailan (Piano version solo by Ely)
18. Back2Me
19. Trip to Jerusalem
20. Spoliarium
21. Overdrive
22. Super Proxy
23. Minsan
24. Alapaap
25. Kaleidoscope World
26. Ang Huling El Bimbo

Bonus Track: “3 for the Road”
27. Ligaya
28. Sembreak
29. Toyang



Cant wait for the Eraserheads Concert 2009 CD and DVD 🙂

Update 04.04.2009
The Eraserheads Concert 2009 will be shown on GMA-7 on April 5, 2009. Read this Eraserheads Concert 2009 in GMA-7 on April 5

Eraserheads Reunion Concert Part 2 on March 7

Update (04.04.2009)
The Eraserheads Concert 2009 will be shown on GMA-7 on April 5, 2009. Read my Eraserheads Concert 2009 in GMA-7 on April 5 post

Update (03.08.2009)
Just arrived home from the concert. T’was Fun! I have posted some highlights, photos and videos (soon) for the Eraserheads Concert 2009

Updates (01.21.2009)
Ticket Prices???
VIP = 5000 Pesos
GOLD = 3000 Pesos
SILVER = 1300 Pesos
BRONZE300 Pesos

Visit my new post Eraserheads Concert 2009 Tickets

I also posted details on where to get tickets for Eraserheads Concert 2009

And it seems San Miguel Beer giving away Free Eraserheads Concert 2009 Tickets?

And some Hot New free six Info and Tips on the Eraseheads Concert 2009 (update 03.02.2009)

Updates (01.19.2008)

Its confirmed and final 🙂 MTV-Philippines Press conference for the March 7, 2009 Eraserheads Reunion Concert (Part 2) was held this afternoon at Italianni’s restaurant on Bonifacio High Street in Taguig. Venue is set: SM Mall of Asia.

Ely, Marcus, Raimund and Buddy took turns in answering questions from the media and they reiterated that this 2nd Reunion concert will be totally different (and not just a continuation of the August 30, 2008 concert). Ely confirmed that his health is in good condition. The band members estimated that they will be playing around 20+ songs.

Photo is property of

Inquirer’s Showbiz and Style have the complete video at their SITE and I just captured the image above. Sorry I cannot embed the video in my blog because I think its in different format (VDO?). Kindly check it out at their site (Its the 3rd video from the gallery as of writing this post).

There’s also a video in youtube but the quality is not yet good and the author will repost. I will embed it here as soon as author posted his updated video.

Updates (01.12.2008)

Diane Ventura (Ely Buendia’s manager) had a phone interview with News on Q (QTV) and confirmed the Eheads Reunion Part 2 concert on March 7. She said Ely was given official go signal by his doctors.

Quoting GMANews.TV report:

“To the fans, I know I’m speaking for the whole band when I say that they’re looking forward to seeing you on March 7. See you there,” Ventura said in a phone interview aired on “News on Q.”

Ventura said the concert would be held to give Eraserheads fans closure.


I’m so excited!!!

Early this morning I was busy posting about the Eheads Reunion Concert DVD and this news seems to be information overload. And now…

The Eraserheads Reunion Concert Part 2 is now a reality special thanks to MTV and Smart. Dubbed as the “Final Set” it is slated on March 7, 2009. Venue is still in the works. Philstar’s Supreme posted this:

It’s confirmed. The Eraserheads concert “The Final Set” is set.

Save the date: March 7, 2009. The concert is produced by MTV and Smart with the venue yet to be announced.

For now, it’s a tossup between The Fort and SM Mall of Asia grounds.

They’re just about to sign the contract and will have their press conference on January 19.

For the part 2 tickets, sorry no info yet. I’ll post details here as soon as I have them. For now, I’ll settle with playing the Eheads Reunion CD over and over again 🙂

Again special thanks to Marhgil Macuha for the buzz.


Eraserheads Reunion Concert CD Review

I finally got hold of the Eraserheads Reunion Concert CD today. Raven and I bought it from Odyssey for PHP 305. The cd is manufactured and distributed by Sony BMG. I’m listening to the CD as I write this blog entry and I’m sweetly reliving the Reunion concert moment again 🙂

eraserheads reunion CD
eraserheads reunion CD

The CD quality is great!!! Definitely its not similar to previously posted videos in youtube wherein the sound quality is kinda basag na. It includes my personal favorites: Sembreak, Alapaap, Hey Jay, Kamasupra, and Kaliwete. It also captures some of the funny quotes from the Band (The last 10 seconds countdown, the good night greetings of Ely after the first song, The Merry Christmas greets before the Fruitcake etc). I am just wondering why it did not capture the “Group Hug” chants of the crowd 🙂

Edit: Between tracks 9 and 10, you hear the group hug chants.

Inside cover part 1
Inside cover part 1

Complete Tracklist below:

  • 01 Alapaap
  • 02 Ligaya
  • 03 Sembreak
  • 04 Hey, Jay
  • 05 Harana
  • 06 Fruitcake
  • 07 Toyang
  • 08 Kamasupra
  • 09 Kailan
  • 10 Huwag Kang Matakot
  • 11 Kaliwete
  • 12 With A Smile
  • 13 Shake Yer Head
  • 14 Huwag Mo Nang Itanong
  • 15 Lightyears
cd cover part 2
I may be out of the loop in the music industry nowadays but its worthy to note that inside the CD case is a small leaflet that contains the download instructions for videos, mp3 and ringback tones for mobile phones. Each download ranges from PHP15 to PHP50 (wow nice biz for SonyBMG and the telcos :-p). It also contains the YouTube/SonyBMG PH URL (which I will try to visit later tonight)

To all the Eraserheads fans out there, grab your copy now (in case you haven’t yet). 300+ bucks for 15 songs, its worth it.

And whats in it for me and Raven? Well… we are waiting for the Part 2.