Francis Magalona: 1964-2009

Its all over the net and the blogosphere now I guess. Francis M, the Master Rapper, Kiko, The Man from Manila… already left us. This was announced in noontime show Eat Bulaga today.

Video courtesy of Youtube and cisfran21

Read other details here.

I’m at loss for words to describe my feeling. Tomorrow is Eraserheads Concert 2009 so I should be happy, but with this news… it’s just so sad 🙁

To give tribute to Francis M, I’m posting this Eraserheads song he revived/collab with Ely (Eraserheads Jam CD Track 9).

(Update 03.07.2009)

I watched EB and saw FrancisM’s last live performance in national TV.

Video Courtesy of Youtube and PinoyBiscuits. Love link to this their blog also

I agree with the song (listen at the rap of FM and EB)! There’s no substitute for the REAL.

SuperProxy 2k6

Sawa ka na ba sa mga hassle sa buhay mo
Ayaw mo na bang mag-isip para sa sarili
Tinatamad ka ng bumyahe
Ang gusto mo’y nakahiga na lang
Napapagod ka na ba sa kayayakap sa asawa mo

Ito ang kailangan mo
I-dial lang ang telepono

Hindi na dapat maghirap
Sa iisang iglap ang buhay ay sasarap
Wag nang mag-atubili kumuha ng

Ako ay kaibigan na lagi mong maasahan
Umulan man o umaraw ay nariyan kapag kailangan
Ito ay special offer sa mga taong katulad mo
Gamitin ang iyong bulsa para guminhawa

Ako ang kailangan mo
Isaksak na ang modem nyo

Ako ang bahala sa ‘yo
Ang buhay mo ay buhay ko


(Francis M)
Come and take a sip from the cup as the drink makes you think
Don’t blink ‘coz you’ll be taken out by the pen and ink
Superproxy, why don’t y’all just talk to me
My rhyme be stickin to ya head like epoxy
This is how it should be done, ‘coz this rhyme is identical to none
3 Stars and a sun in one sky so high, one-nine-nine-five until we die
We on a mission to surf and ride the waves all the way to cyberspace we gonna stay
We on a mission to surf and ride the waves all the way to cyberspace uhh

(Ely B)
And so it was without a fuss we kill the buzz
Surrounding this delusional, irrational thing we call massive entertainment
Time to return the favor kick out the jams with the freeman flavor
Take it from survivor, the search is over
I’ve found the best forget the rest
Erase it, replace it but never duplicate it
‘Coz institutions are boring there’s no substitute for the real thing

There’s no substitute for the REAL THING
There’s no substitute for the REAL

There’s no substitute for the REAL.

Wala kameng mahahanap na superproxy mo. Rest in peace Kiko! You will always live in our hearts and in our music.

My condolences to Kiko’s family.