San Francisco – Day 1

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We arrived safely in San Francisco late Saturday night. I’m still a little bit sleepy today (jet lag?) so I did not roam around much. In the tradition of my free six video post, I am sharing some free six pictures I’ve taken in the Union Square, the central shopping and hotel district in downtown San Francisco.

Union Square
This is the statue of Victory on top of the monument dedicated to George Dewey.

The words on the monument up close. This monument was erected to honor Commodore Dewey and the victory of the Battle of Manila Bay. Wow I’m brushing up my world and Philippine history here.

Dewey Monument Union Square
Complete details for Menard’s history refresher. I’ts good to know that Manila and San Francisco are good friends.

San Francisco Union Square Monument
This is the attack order. Attack! Go! Go! Go!
Off-topic: I remember I am poor at naval battles in both the Civilization game and the Warcraft 2 skirmishes.

Boudin Sourdough Pepperoni Pizza
Just like in my taipei visit post, I post the food and fastfood store that saved me. This is Boudin’s Sourdough Pepperoni Pizza my brunch. I was thinking of ordering the Clam Chowder in Sourdough Bread but of course I’m reserving that delicacy to the Fisherman’s Wharf Visit.

Band and Street Concert
At night, enterprising bands set up their instruments on the sidewalks and play for free (although they say they have their CDs that you can buy if you like to help them).

Where’s the picture of the shops? Oh that will be part of another post.

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