The Farm Organics Nuvali

I missed doing foodie blog post here in I also want to give some commendation to the The Farm Organics Nuvali crew because we really enjoyed our recent dinner there.

So let me do the a short Post Pictures Now Blog Details Later for The Farm Organics Nuvali.

Here is a Terrific Trio pics from our The Farm Organics Nuvali visit

(Terrific Trio because *hint* see the connection hehehe 🙂 )

Will post the blog details part of this post this May 2017.


Free Six San Francisco Treats 2014 Edition

I was at San Francisco for the RSA 2014 last month and just like the tradition here in I am posting another free six post about my San Francisco trip. For this post it’s about free six San Francisco treats (food, drinks, places or maybe a combo of any two of the three)

I really love Clam Chowder (see my 2010 and 2011 posts as forensic evidence :-p) so the first pic is Clam Chowder in sourdough bread from Boudin Cafe with matching Snapple drink.


I always make sure I eat at Boudin and/or at the Fisherman’s Wharf whenever I’m in Frisco. Yum!

Next pic is another Clam Chowder overload. This one is from the San Francisco Soup Company, Westfield food court.

A good variety of chowder, especially when you are in a hurry!

Next pic is Inay Filipino Kitchen at the Metreon Food Court.

I would like to thank Inay’s crew for serving us great Pinoy dishes during the RSA week 🙂 Their bistek, adobo and dinuguan are bestsellers!

Next is the very tasty garlic steak courtesy of The Stinking Rose. This place is great too as I had good time there with some of my good old Pinoy AV peeps.

Next is the Cybar: CodeBreakers Bash Party for RSA Conference 2014.
In the pic collage you can see Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, some samplers of what Cybar has to offer (btw, I love those fresh San Francisco catch).

Last but not the least is the pic about the thing that made sure I’m awake at RSA 2014 Tech sessions: Coffeeeeee!

6-20140226_153042This pic is taken from RSA Expo where Trend Micro (and other security vendors) sponsored free coffee.

That’s all for now.

Will post some free six about my recent Taipei trip in the coming days…


Free McDonald’s McMuffins for National Breakfast Day on March 18

McDonald’s is celebrating National Breakfast Day tomorrow, March 18, 2013 and will be giving away free McDonald’s McMuffins to the first 1000 customers starting 5AM on some Mcdo Philippines stores. Yes this is Mcdonald’s Philippines but other McDonald’s around the world will also be celebrating their own National Breakfast Day.

Image Credit: McDonald’s Philippines and

I am having hard time accessing Mcdo Philippines website so I will assume a lot of folks are accessing the site and confirming this offer.

Quoting the official Mcdonald’s Philippines website:

Hooray for National Breakfast Day! On March 18, Monday, McDonald’s Philippines, joins 5,000 McDonald’s restaurants in Asia, Middle East and South Africa in staging the region’s first and biggest breakfast celebration to date—National Breakfast Day.

Filipino customers will join in the fun and have another great reason to cheer Hooray for Today!.

All McDonald’s restaurants serving breakfast in the country will be offering 1,000 delicious McMuffins for FREE from 5:00 AM to 9:00 AM via Dine-In, Take-Out, or Drive-Thru.

Terms and Conditions:
•Coupons for the FREE McMuffin will be given to 1,000 customers on a first-come-first-served basis.
•Coupon must be surrendered to the crew upon redemption. Redemption does not require any purchase.
•The coupon is valid for dine-in, take-out and drive-thru only.
•Only one (1) coupon will be given per customer.
•Only one (1) McMuffin can be claimed per coupon.
•Only one (1) coupon can be redeemed in a single transaction.
•No coupon, No free McMuffin.•Coupon/offer is not exchangeable to cash and/or other McDonald’s products.
•McDonald’s reserves the right to refuse redemption if coupon was found to be tampered with.
•Only original McDonald’s issued coupons will be accepted.
•Free product may vary from illustration. McDonald’s reserves the right to replace the free item at its discretion, without any prior notice.

So tomorrow, just go to the nearest McDonald’s early and grab some coupons for the FREE McMuffin OK?
Kitakits sa Mcdo!!!

For more details kindly visit:

Free Six: Cupertino Food

I visited Cupertino, California last month but I have not blogged about it yet here at I really enjoyed the food in Cupertino just like I enjoyed the food in San Francisco, and I remembered I made a promise here to blog about it so I will try to do another wannabe food blogger post 🙂

In the tradition of my six cafe world cheats, my six free wow cheats, my six foursquare mayor cheats, my six new Philippine money tips, my six tagalog love quotes, my six philhealth forms tips, my six Logitech G27 pics and my free six video posts, here are some six photos of Cupertino food that I love.

This is the Park Place Burger from Park Place of course. I love the cheddar cheese and fried egg with this burger.

The Grilled Beef and Fried Chicken from the Pho Mihn (a Vietnamese resto in Bandley Drive) is definitely a win!

A slice of the Pizza of the day from Pizza My Heart and my newly found fave pizza sauce the Shark Repellent.

On the healthier side I also tried Fatima Restaurant’s Pork and Vegetable. See, I am really a good boy and I eat my veggies too 🙂

I seem to miss San Francisco Clam Chowder so I decided to munch on some Half-pizza and Clam Chowder from Le Boulanger. And to complete combo some Odwalla juice.

Last but definitely not the least is Willy’s Cowboy Sausage Sandwich from Armadillos Willys.

Hope you liked my free six Cupertino food photos and blog post.