SMS SCAM ALERT: Sam Mendoza, the new Marie Velasco

Note: This post is an awareness campaign to all readers of this blog. Beware! There is a recycled SMS spam and website spam making rounds that in the Philippines patterned after Marie Velasco, Anna Marie Velasco, Marie Bacolod scams. New name of the girl in the SMS scam and website scam is Sam Mendoza so I will tag this as the Sam Mendoza SMS SCAM.

I got a comment from a reader (Azeto) of my SMS Scam: Marie Velasco post telling me that they received another set of sms messages that may be related to this scam. To the benefit of the new readers this Marie Velasco SMS Scam was making rounds in the Philippines SMS since 2009. The “poor girl” is asking a would-be victim to send her some money (or electronic cellphone load) so that she can go to Manila and work. In exchange for the money, the “poor girl” who do “anything”. I leave it to your imagination on what will be the boundaries of that “anything” since the scammers seems to target the male population. I started blogging about it around August 2009, when my friends IRL and I got some random sms messages. I even got some flame comments before related to this blog posts. Read my previous posts

Going back to the new scam, I got curious so I investigated further. And wow! I will quote the site:

I’m just a simple lady… with simple dream. A dream of coming to Manila for a job. Unfortunately, the problem is… I don’t have the means (financially) to go to Manila. I’m a scholar of DOST kaya ako nakapag-tapos ng kolehiyo. About my parents, deceased na sila when I am in high school years pa lang. I am staying in a boarding house for now… kasi wala naman kaming bahay na puede kong matuluyan dito sa bacolod. Taga Surigao po talaga kami, but lumipat lang nanay at tatay ko dito nung maliit pa lang ako, kaya wala na akong idea about sa mga relatives ko. I’m the only child dahil medyo weak ang health ng nanay ko that time and so medyo delikado na kung magbubuntis pa siya uli. I’m very desperate. I’m really needing some help. I’m willing to sacrifice everything including myself in exchange for my future career sa Maynila. I have my deadline in San Miguel Ortigas and still, I don’t know if someone could help me on my way to Manila… I really need help now… I’m willing to offer an exchange for the help you give… Whatever you ask for… I’m risking it.

I spent 5 years of my life including Christmas living alone sa boarding house ko… Gusto ko rin ma-experience na magtrabaho at may makasama kahit isang relative man lang na puede gumabay sa akin… Im old enough to stand independently but I’m still young for some other things…

I don’t have any options but to offer myself… I’m decided… I better lose it for good purpose… Hindi ko alam kung kailan ako gigising isang umaga na may handa ng tumulong sa ‘kin makapunta ng Maynila… I really need a new life…”

At the sidebar:

Sam Mendoza
Name: Sam O. Mendoza
Age: 21
Height: 5’6″
Birthdate: February 15, 1989
Birthplace: Surigao del Sur
Address: currently staying in a boarding house in Purok Sambag, Brgy. Mandalagan, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental 6100
Parents: Anna Ortiz (deceased); Luisito Mendoza (deceased)
Sibling(s): None

Sounds familiar???

Yup! It IS the same old and recycled Anna Marie Velasco Crying for help SMS Scam. With a new pretty pic to match the new name (Sam Mendoza, Sam O. Mendoza, Sam Ortiz Mendoza) ! It also comes with the Transcript of Records and other supporting documents and images uploaded to Flicker: But overall it IS all the same… EPIC FAIL SMS and Website Scam!!!

I guess that the picture was grabbed somewhere, poor girl 🙁
And I also guess that the supporting documents are fabricated (Anybody heard of Recto? or photoshop perhaps?) 🙂

SCAM accomplice site is:

If you also receive the same or similar SMS scam messages/website, kindly leave some comments here.

To the scammer/s behind this Sam Mendoza/Marie Velasco! Nice Try! But you’re exposed now 🙂

Update 2010.06.05
Additional SCAM accomplice sites:
.tk domain redirects to

Update 2010.06.17

Additional SCAM accomplice sites:

again it redirects to

Update 2010.06.20

Additional SCAM accomplice sites:

again the said TK domain redirects to

Update 2010.07.10

Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.07.29

Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.07.31

Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

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Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.08.18
Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

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Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.09.05
Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.09.08
Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.09.21
Additional new SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2010.09.28
Additional new SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2010.10.10
Additional new SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2010.10.16
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2010.10.23
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2010.10.26
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2010.10.29
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2010.12.20
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.01.25
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.01.25
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.03.02
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.03.09
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.04.11
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.04.20
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.04.26
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.05.02
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.05.16
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.05.29
New SCAM accomplice site/s:

Update 2011.06.02
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.07.05
New SCAM accomplice sites:


.TK sites redirect to

Update 2011.11.19
New SCAM accomplice sites:
.TK sites redirect to


  1. its better to ignore.kasi when i
    confronted her that stop spreading
    this scam..she flooded me with
    text messages cotaining “akta espilum”
    dont know what that means..

  2. @milos
    Thanks for the visit and the comment. I dont know what that word means. But I guess they (scammers) are just texting you nonsense words to sow fear in you!

  3. @arvin
    Thanks for the random bloghop! For link exchange, yes I’m open for link exchange (you know the drill). drop me a note via my contact page.

  4. yeah.i received the same scam sms..and i tried opening the site.and wow..the lady on the pic is so pretty.poor girl..they used her pic for doing bad things..i really hope this scam will stop.hope they’ll catch the people behind this..

  5. Hi. I got two of those messages today… the first one I got this morning, the second one less than an hour ago.

    here is the number of the sender: +639157434188.

    Can I repost your blog entry? If this is truly a scam, i’d like to warn my friends about it. Thanks.

    1. @Jenny
      Yes, please feel free to repost the blog entry as a warning to your friends and family. Just provide a link to this post. Thanks!

  6. I received the spam msg from Sam, but of course, who’d believe it right away? I have a friend who has friends from La Salle Bacolod, so i had her credentials checked and just got the reply that it is indeed, bogus! ULS is taking all appropriate actions, i was informed.

    1. @Teresa
      Some folks out there are gullible enough to believe this scam, and I believe by exposing it via this awareness blog post is a good start.

  7. Hi.. got 3 sms from certain SAM MENDOZA just exactly what is posted above. I replied once and asked her, “scam?” and this is what she said. (Name: Sam Mendoza Birthdate: Feb. 15, 1989 Height: 5’6″ Complexion: Fair Hair: Long and straight Other: Joined some provincial pageants for allowance.) and another sms followed and it says, “Ahmm.. Sam Mendoza po name ko , 21 yo girl, from Mandalagan, Bacolod City. Graduate po ng BS Information Management (DOST Scholarship). Living alone sa isang boarding haus po d2 sa Purok Sambag. 5’6″, and hardworking province girl po. May pic po ako sa w w -Nagtetext lng po ako ng random numbers starting with 09178 and really hoping na may makita man lng ako kht maliit na 2long para makaluwas ng mynila. Wala po akong idea kung babae po o lalaki tinitext ko.. But im really willing to give any favorable exchange in ur part para sa tulong na makapunta sa mynila.. Un lng po sana.. – sam”

  8. That Sam Mendoza must be a freak,i received the same sms message this evening with the same txt. When i asked how she got my number, i got the same reply as the one above. Texter keeps pestering me if i agree on her terms. Poor girl, her tricks wouldn’t do any good

  9. Yes, I just received the message tonight, May 27. I do not believe in such messages but just the same I wanted to find out if there really was a site na w w and true enough I was able to confirm my suspicion that indeed this text message is a scam. This is what I answered: “you are indeed demanding you do not receive help on a silver platter you have to work for it and earn the trust.” Poor girl whoever she is but I hope someone reads this and that she is really caught! Thanks for the warning!

  10. i reported this text to GLOBE, unfortunately they say its out of their jurisdiction to take action on this kind of personal text messages!

  11. Yah i Agree to all of u I just received the message this day but just the same I wanted to find out if there really was a site na w w and true enough I was able suspicion about that is a scam… who’s girl or lady that will exchange her self just to go in manila it so not believable….

    1. @Rob
      That is one the the reasons why I call it an EPIC FAIL SCAM 🙂
      But who knows if they(scammers) have really victimized somebody na?

  12. I have been receiving the same messages as above since May 16 from this number – +639179782471, she texted me the message “puede po ba akong humingi ng 2long……”, then received another msg May 20th with the name birthdate, etc, then may 21 and 22 she texted again saying that she’s sam ung humihingi ng tulong makapunta ng maynila..

    I ignored all the messages since I know for sure it was a scam. But to my surprise, she texted again today using a different number. +639276163257 – I asked where the hell she got my number because I have not tried researching things about her thru google – she replied the same msg as above stating she’s just texting random numbers starting with 09178 blah blah..

    grabe mga scammers ngaun… makapanloko lang tlaga nag iimbak ng madaming sim cards. hehehehe…
    thanks to this site i also learned about the Marie Velasco scam

  13. Hi! I also received few text from this Sam Mendoza and i got irritated so I reply to her na “Please stop texting me this crap!” but she still keep on texting. She also has other num +639157434188. Actually, i almost believed her pero syempre may doubt pa din ako that’s why i searched the num sa net, and i found out na hindi lang pala ako ang ginugulo nya sa text…!!

  14. It is a big HOAX! Please inform your friends and relatives about this. MAgaling ang scammer na ito magpaawa.

  15. hey i got it too!!! same sam mendoza, same story just this morning!!! BEWARE!!! #+639276164537

  16. i’ve been getting the text for 2 weeks now and honestly it’s already annoying!

    same numbers as above: +639157434188 and +639276164537
    websites: w w; w w

  17. she keeps on texting it’s annoying!!! anyone knows kung may nabiktima na siya???

  18. lahat ba tayo post paid?? nag dududa na ako ah. ang dami kong natatanggap na samu’t-saring mga text na ganyan simula nung nag line ako. yung dating pre-paid num ko naman di ako nakakatanggap ng ganyang mga text. eto lang talaga nung nag start ako mag post paid , and pati yung family members ko din na matagal nang post paid nakakatanggap din. weird huh???

  19. i’ve received the sms message just today.. this is the website in the message hxxp:// this is the cp number +639276162465. lucky for me ive searched for the name first and found your website.. thank you

  20. i’m also post paid.. and i’ve been receiving a lot of text like this. Sam has been texting me for a week now and i just received a txt from her today. Here’s the current number she is using.. 09276162465.
    thanks on your blog..:)

  21. yeah, I got the same sms from sam, it was last week and last nite urgently asking for some help in exchange of her, whatever. Good when I divulged this to a friend , he told me its a big SCAM!!!!

  22. The would be Sam and me had been texting since yesterday, grabe ang galing gumawa ng kwento. I was hoping to catch her on some errors on info but she very clever and safe on her answers. Please beware..hope walang maloko…

  23. The person is still using 09276162465.

    Yesterday, I replied “Cool Scam”. The idiot started sending me multiple sms “what scam?”… as in hundreds in one hour. I didn’t reply and it stopped.

  24. Been getting this SMS messages at all hours of day and night. When I finally texted back that the sender’s game was up, it/he/she started sending multiple messages saying: ‘Talaga?” What a sh*thead. IS there any way this number can be tracked?

  25. This Sam person has a new number: +639166616820. Have reported matter to NTC. They’re going to take action daw.

  26. just got the text from a sam mendoza this morning …same story…she is using 0916-6616820 and that she in on w w

  27. Just also got a text message from this supposedly Sam Mendoza (cp#09172578956)last Sunday and a follow up today June 21 with the same messages as described by earlier bloggers. Have checked the site given, w w and whoaa! a beautiful picture of a girl complete with all the supposed documents to prove her credentials.

  28. Got a text from her yesterday June 20 and today. She’s using 09172578956 and the website is w w

  29. Received text from sam using cel number 09172578956. Saying she has work in san miguel ortigas but has no money to go to mla. She is willing to exchange anything for the money. horrible way of extorting money.

  30. has anyone tried calling the number? got my recent text from sam-scam,number is 09276164550, the other 3 sms was last week and all from different numbers but still a globe number…what if this is an inside job… who can have all the list of numbers of mainly the postpaid subscribers,and they have our addresses…OMG

  31. I just got a similar text today. Poor girl! I send P4,000.- to help her take an plane to Manila. I think I’ll offer my little apartment for her to stay in the meantime while she looks for a job.

  32. Hehe, does anyone seriously thinks I’ll do the above remarks!? hehe.
    Peace!!! I know its a scam and its good to let people know, just to warn them. Thanks to all.

  33. That girl texted me as well. Her number is +639276164550 I hope no one is gullible enough to send her money. Ugh. If its a boarding house where the hell does she get money to pay her rent. EPIC FAIL.

  34. I also received the same text 2 days ago and ignored her. This person texted me again this morning using this number 09276164550. I’m still ignoring her, i just want to post her new site (which still shows the same spam accomplice site hxxp:// update you guys. Here’s the new site:

    w w

    I tried posting a comment to link her site to this site, however all comments need “sam mendoza”‘s approval.

  35. i received the said sms kanina. i didn’t this know that there was a “marie velasco scam” before so i emailed some of my email contacts asking them if this “sam mendoza” is a scam.

    i googled her name and stumbled upon your website. thanks for the info!

  36. Got the San Miguel ortigas version also today from the number +63 917 257 8890. Pasting the message below. The post paid angle sounds interesting. Any other theories on how these scammers gather numbers?

    Pued po b akong humingi ng 2long sa inyo? I’m Sam, 21yo GIRL and freshgrad po from BACOLOD CITY. Ggawin ko po ang lahat ng kpalit na gusto nio, ma2lungan nyo lng po akong mkpunta sa mynila. My JOB HIRING na po kc sna ako jan sa SAN MIG-ORTIGAS, syang po kc kung madissolve lng.. Im WILLING to take the risks ng kpalit na hhngin nio. Un nlng tlga pgasa ko na mkluwas kgd pra mhbol deadline ko po.. My PIC & supporting docs po ako sa w w – sam

  37. Got a text yesterday.. And I’m also on post-paid plan. Sounds like an inside job.

  38. parang hindi laman ni sam kailangan tulong natin eh parang ang rami nyang load eh or post paid sya…

  39. received the same message from this number > 639172578890 but ignored it…i know that this is is a scam

  40. just received another text from 639172578946, asking for help blah blah and telling me to go to w w…

  41. Received same text again after 3 weeks. Its using number 63-9172578946. From the conversation above, seems like some of you already assume this is from a girl (a poor girl at that)! For all we know, this is probably the works of some fat, sweaty, smelly goons who has nothing to do during their drinking session and just sending out these scam text hoping to trick some gullible souls. This remind me of some news report before about PHONE S*X sites which was raided by the police. Caught in the act were some fat and ugly women. Imagine the guys calling in and paying for phone s*x, if only they saw who they are talking to, they’ll surely have a “soft-off” (opposite of “hard-on”) hehe. Peace to you all!

  42. Hi. I’m from the USA. Is there anyway that I can see the photo of the girl whose photo is being used? I think but am not certain, that I might be falling for the same scam, only it is through someone I met through a FIlipina dating website.

    Thank you very much,

  43. Thanks for the blog. I got a similar message from someone named “Sam Mendoza” few hours ago. Out of curiosity, I’ve tried to check the site she was pertaining to. And luckily, I found this blog of yours which I find very helpful. The information in this blog would surely be a big blow to those scammers. Serves them right.hehe.

  44. Oh my God, I was almost scammed by this girl. I got a similar message from her last saturday. Although she provided a different website na. It’s w w naman. I really felt bad for her but then I again I thought to check muna her authenticity. So i contacted the university of st. la salle and was informed that she was a fake nga. I researched just this morning and stumbled upon this site. I’m sharing this info with my friends at baka may maloko pa sya. Who’s picture kaya ginagamit nya….poor girl. It’s amazing that even with all the internet info available, malakas pa din loob ng mga scammers. Tsk..tsk..

  45. You’d think whoever is behind this would quit after being exposed as a scam some 2 years ago (I went through the entire M.O. around that time; scammer was using Marie). I guess there are some who are just that dense (or total horndogs) and fall for this crap. And that’s just sad.

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