SMS SCAM ALERT: Sam Mendoza, the new Marie Velasco

Note: This post is an awareness campaign to all readers of this blog. Beware! There is a recycled SMS spam and website spam making rounds that in the Philippines patterned after Marie Velasco, Anna Marie Velasco, Marie Bacolod scams. New name of the girl in the SMS scam and website scam is Sam Mendoza so I will tag this as the Sam Mendoza SMS SCAM.

I got a comment from a reader (Azeto) of my SMS Scam: Marie Velasco post telling me that they received another set of sms messages that may be related to this scam. To the benefit of the new readers this Marie Velasco SMS Scam was making rounds in the Philippines SMS since 2009. The “poor girl” is asking a would-be victim to send her some money (or electronic cellphone load) so that she can go to Manila and work. In exchange for the money, the “poor girl” who do “anything”. I leave it to your imagination on what will be the boundaries of that “anything” since the scammers seems to target the male population. I started blogging about it around August 2009, when my friends IRL and I got some random sms messages. I even got some flame comments before related to this blog posts. Read my previous posts

Going back to the new scam, I got curious so I investigated further. And wow! I will quote the site:

I’m just a simple lady… with simple dream. A dream of coming to Manila for a job. Unfortunately, the problem is… I don’t have the means (financially) to go to Manila. I’m a scholar of DOST kaya ako nakapag-tapos ng kolehiyo. About my parents, deceased na sila when I am in high school years pa lang. I am staying in a boarding house for now… kasi wala naman kaming bahay na puede kong matuluyan dito sa bacolod. Taga Surigao po talaga kami, but lumipat lang nanay at tatay ko dito nung maliit pa lang ako, kaya wala na akong idea about sa mga relatives ko. I’m the only child dahil medyo weak ang health ng nanay ko that time and so medyo delikado na kung magbubuntis pa siya uli. I’m very desperate. I’m really needing some help. I’m willing to sacrifice everything including myself in exchange for my future career sa Maynila. I have my deadline in San Miguel Ortigas and still, I don’t know if someone could help me on my way to Manila… I really need help now… I’m willing to offer an exchange for the help you give… Whatever you ask for… I’m risking it.

I spent 5 years of my life including Christmas living alone sa boarding house ko… Gusto ko rin ma-experience na magtrabaho at may makasama kahit isang relative man lang na puede gumabay sa akin… Im old enough to stand independently but I’m still young for some other things…

I don’t have any options but to offer myself… I’m decided… I better lose it for good purpose… Hindi ko alam kung kailan ako gigising isang umaga na may handa ng tumulong sa ‘kin makapunta ng Maynila… I really need a new life…”

At the sidebar:

Sam Mendoza
Name: Sam O. Mendoza
Age: 21
Height: 5’6″
Birthdate: February 15, 1989
Birthplace: Surigao del Sur
Address: currently staying in a boarding house in Purok Sambag, Brgy. Mandalagan, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental 6100
Parents: Anna Ortiz (deceased); Luisito Mendoza (deceased)
Sibling(s): None

Sounds familiar???

Yup! It IS the same old and recycled Anna Marie Velasco Crying for help SMS Scam. With a new pretty pic to match the new name (Sam Mendoza, Sam O. Mendoza, Sam Ortiz Mendoza) ! It also comes with the Transcript of Records and other supporting documents and images uploaded to Flicker: But overall it IS all the same… EPIC FAIL SMS and Website Scam!!!

I guess that the picture was grabbed somewhere, poor girl πŸ™
And I also guess that the supporting documents are fabricated (Anybody heard of Recto? or photoshop perhaps?) πŸ™‚

SCAM accomplice site is:

If you also receive the same or similar SMS scam messages/website, kindly leave some comments here.

To the scammer/s behind this Sam Mendoza/Marie Velasco! Nice Try! But you’re exposed now πŸ™‚

Update 2010.06.05
Additional SCAM accomplice sites:
.tk domain redirects to

Update 2010.06.17

Additional SCAM accomplice sites:

again it redirects to

Update 2010.06.20

Additional SCAM accomplice sites:

again the said TK domain redirects to

Update 2010.07.10

Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.07.29

Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.07.31

Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.08.04

Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.08.18
Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.09.01
Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.09.05
Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.09.08
Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.09.21
Additional new SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2010.09.28
Additional new SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2010.10.10
Additional new SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2010.10.16
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2010.10.23
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2010.10.26
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2010.10.29
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2010.12.20
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.01.25
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.01.25
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.03.02
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.03.09
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.04.11
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.04.20
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.04.26
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.05.02
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.05.16
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.05.29
New SCAM accomplice site/s:

Update 2011.06.02
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.07.05
New SCAM accomplice sites:


.TK sites redirect to

Update 2011.11.19
New SCAM accomplice sites:
.TK sites redirect to

341 Replies to “SMS SCAM ALERT: Sam Mendoza, the new Marie Velasco”

  1. “SAM O. MENDOZA” is still at large… “she” must be caught before a number of credulous men get victimized… just received the sms today… i wonder where “she” gets my number… this is the price of advance communication technology… your “day” will come… SAM… and it’s getting nearer and nearer… the NBI is just around your corner…

  2. Thanks to this blog… i was about to extend help after having read her w w post.

  3. got it just now and i was trying to check out the authenticity of her claims in her sms….when i was asking about how she applied at smc…he mentioned the name of glen oropel of smc-bacolod. followed by a rather sarcastic text: “taga bacolod ako…yung inaplayan ko obviously, sa planta ng bacolod smc…and finorward nila ako jan sa manila because sa nature ng job ko…” which sounded rather sarcastic for someone asking for help.

  4. tnx for the info. just got that same sms message this morning. yah she did ask me to check out her web page & she is asking money for her plane fare amounting to 3K++. in exchange she will give me 3 days of “anything I want”.

  5. Halos lahat ng office mates ko nakareceive ng ganyang message. Lahat kami may company issued post paid phone plan, so magkakasunod lang mga numbers namin.

  6. Would also like to ask your permission to link this post. To inform my friends. Thank you.

  7. hello again. I checked your updates ng mga accomplice sites ng scam na to. Hindi ko nakita to sa list: w w

  8. hello, just got this sms from “SAM MENDOZA”, the number used was 09166616805 and web site w w we too have company issued cellphones. for info.

  9. i received 2 similar messages last july 30, 2010 on 6:18am and the follow up message about 10am using cell# 09172578948. most of the comments here received this same message on july 30th. maybe they were able to hack globe telecoms database

  10. Hi just got same SMS from 09166616805 also… w w and we ALSO have company issued numbers, maybe they are using same system used during the campaign, random dialer or hacking telecom subscriber list…

  11. i have received similar text messages from the following cell numbers:
    09166616805 and 09172578956. This started when I had my sim upgraded (as per request by the tel-co). It is horrible how our numbers get mis-used for such acts.

  12. kawawa naman yung true owner nung sure kinuha lang sa FB or friendster yung photos..

  13. hi…she also text me a same sms mentioned in this blog…she using 09173617051 and her new website is w w

  14. post paid din ako…baka nga puro post paid user ang target nito at kadalasan globe user din…di kaya taga globe din yung kasabwat d2

  15. yap… puro pala tau post paid ang nakakarecieved… baka nga may iside job dito… kawawa talaga yung real girl na nakafront sa scam na to…

  16. I got the message several times! From a number 0917-2579322. May nag-report na ba nito sa Globe/Smart?

    Not sure if it’s true pero may nagbebenta daw ng list ng postpaid numbers sa banks galing sa telco companies. Kaya makakareceive kayo ng texts from insurance agents din.

  17. the website she is using now w w very good scam that appeals to guys with a “soft spot” for damsels in distress. thanks to this site…question is…. how does she get her info on phone numbers since it seems that she knows that the owners are guys. i think we are all post paid users.thanks to this site

  18. i also got text from sam ortiz mendoza. postpaid din gamit ko. i!m about to get a plane ticket for her kasi ka-txt ko siya yesterday at naawa naman ako. willing pa akong i-accomodate siya dito sa house ko para may makasama daughter ko na ka-age niya. buti na lang tumawag muna ako sa USLS to verify. to my dismay wala silang naging student na sam ortiz. thanks GOD,HINDI AKO NAGPA-DALOS DALOS!

  19. Yes, me too. A postpaid Globe Subscriber. Just got an SMS today. August 27, 2010 7:58 PM.
    Thanks for this post. Pakikalat na lang

  20. she texted me a couple of days ago wd this nmber +639172579322.. tsk.. kwawa nman ung girl na my ari nung pix. takte scam pla to. by d way she gave me the site w w… yeah ur days over,, bhala n karma sau s mga nbktima mo.

  21. yeah kagulat kc globe postpaid din aq.. tsk whats all behind this scam kya? sna mapancn naman ng authority to ng wla ng mabiktima tong babaeng to. hay s panahon nga nman ngaun.. naglipana n ang mga ganyan.. kaya its nver easy to trust anybody,, lalo n ung gantong paawa pa,, tas scammer pla!

  22. i also got the same txt this morning…and frankly the content o9f the txt is really made me stress….imagine just for the amount she asking she will give herself…but not all man are what they called “maniac”…Lets hope n we can give stop to this scam and we can also help other friends to know this kind of UNHUMAN gimik

  23. i jaz receive here message… muntik na ako.. check ko name na sam mendoza sa net… and wahaha! eto lumabas! binasa ko at napagnilay nilay ko eto eto nga sya! loko scammer yan… nwei im a postpaid user din ng globe… heres the number she use yesterday 0917-2578957

  24. My mom was asking me to send money thru LBC this morning, ibibigay daw to a certain “Sam”. I asked sino yun? nagpapatulong daw pumunta sa manila.I read the text, and told her its a scam! Its a SAM SCAM!She’s kinda techie thou… SCAM SCAM SCAM!

    she also used this number 0917-2578957.

    Guys, let’s spread the word about this SAM SCAM

  25. I also received this scam message yesterday on my postpaid Globe number.

    Glad you have posted this warning and exposed this scam.

    The website the text message posted me to was: hxxp://

  26. note: edited and divided to 2 comments to comply with my comment policy -Menard

    Part 1/2
    @Wawel Mercado
    This the sms message that I received from +63917-257-8926 yesterday 9/4/2010 at 3:40pm:

    “Pued po b akong humingi ng 2long sa inyo? I’m Sam, 21yo girl and fresh grad po from Bacolod City. Ggawin ko po ang lahat ng kapalit na gusto nio, ma2lungan nyo lng po akong mkpunta sa mynila. My job hiring na po kc sna ako jan sa San-Mig Ortigas, syang po kc kng madissolve lang.. Im willing to take the risks ng kplit na hhngin nyo. Un nlng tkga pgasa ko na mklwas kgd pra mhbl deadline ko po.. My pics and supporting docs po soko sa w w – sam

    I immediately suspected it as a scam, so I google searched her name and viola! After finding this blog entry on google, I decided to play with the con artist and asked how much he needed. Here was his reply:

    1. part 2/2

      I immediately suspected it as a scam, so I google searched her name and viola! After finding this blog entry on google, I decided to play with the con artist and asked how much he needed. Here was his reply:

      β€œTransportation fare lang po sana, either barko po o eroplano. Tsaka po susundo pagdating ko. Wala po kcing makakasundo sa aking dhl di ko naman agad maipaalam sa malaung kamag anak ko jan na darating ako. Sa sulat lng po kc kami nagkakausap. 1st time ko plang po kc pupunta ng maynila.. Kht pagkadating ko po, ill do my offer npo. Para sa mga susunod na araw, malafocus nalang po ako sa final interview ko po sa ortigas.”

      For someone claiming to be a Bacolod lass, she is suspiciously too fluent in Tagalog. I plan to play with this guy and report to XXX or Imbestigador. To see if we can entrap the perpetrator.

  27. I have received a text earlier from this “Sam”, too. I have been receiving text messages from her number 09172578957 for several months now but have always shrugged them off. Why waste time and energy on a scammer, right? Hindi lang niya alam, babae ako. There would be times when I would forget to put my phone on silent mode before sleeping and all of a sudden, my three-year-old son and I would be awakened by her text. So, I am officially fed up. When I received her text earlier, decided to call her up (para saan pa ang Globe Super Duo?) and she answered it. Surprisingly, she sounded educated. Rich, even. When I started to lecture, she hung up and turned off her phone. If she has the money to set up all these websites about her “situation” and the credit/load to text apparently countless people from the metro, surely, she’d have money to pay for a one-way plane fare, right? Tsk. Wawel Mercado, go. Please report her to Imbestigador. Kawawa naman ang mga naloloko niya. I rarely comment on things like these online pero she has to be exposed. (I have been a victim of getting scammed on eBay in the past for a 7000-peso cellphone so it has been my advocacy na mahuli ang mga online scammer).

  28. @Wawel Mercado

    Kailangan pa talagang may susundo sa kanya ha. Hay, the things these scammers do talaga para lang may maloko.

  29. also received the same SMS this morning. i replied: tinawagan ko na ang NBI para i-contact ka at sunduin ka dyan sa lugar mo

  30. I can’t believe there are still people willing to send money to an anonymous texter. but I must say na-tempt ako puntahan website niya. kaso baka puro spyware lang yan.

  31. just got the same message from 0917 2578948..called GLOBE and requested them to block this no..hope it helps

  32. got same message just today from sam mendoza… she’s willing to take the risk as she says… here’s her number; 09172578948.
    a real jerk.. its good there’s the internet. have checked it and found hers scam! thanks people!

  33. got the same message twice today using the number 09172578948, if Globe will not block this, kasabwat sila dito. Can someone from Globe check or trace who owns this?

  34. Eto bago nya gmit na number 09054288532. at eto bago nya site. w w Nagtxt lng sya kanina. and also postpaid.

  35. postpaid din ako at ka textmate ko din sya heheheh. alam nyo ba number ni tulfo o imberstigador? painan natin mga sir. ngayon ngayon lang nag text na naman kaso yung text nya copy paste nung kay menard sep5. hhahahah. tingin ko computer gamit nya sa pag text. meaning, structured yung scheme nya, dapat tlaga mailantad to, malay nyo makilala pa natin sa totong buhay yung girl sa pic πŸ™‚

  36. got the same message this morning… number used is 09054288565 and website is w w… I noticed medyo magkalapit ang number ginamit na pang-text kay MakatiBoy… postpaid din pala number ko… dapat ma-post nga to sa networking sites, baka marami maloko… kawawa rin naman yung girl na ginamit dun sa website, I dont know, pero if look at the properties of the pic, it says anna.jpg

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