My Election 2010 Experience

I voted!

Look oh!

Will post some more experience here later.

Note: This is a post in progress.

Reminders for the Philippines 2010 Election

Some last minute reminders for the Philippines 2010 Election. It’s an exciting event since it will be the first ever automated elections in the Philippines and I believe social media will be much active in the scene

So some Philippines 2010 Election informational video I’d like to share

Video courtesy of youtube and jalcordo

For some more detailed Philippines 2010 Election guide kindly visit

For list of candidates for the party list and national positions  kindly visit

For twitter people out there, supports #juanvote. Kindly add #juanvote hashtag to your election related tweets.

For other election 2010 related stuffs feel free to visit

Vote Wisely and Let’s keep the democracy alive!!!

Happy Mothers Days and Some Mother’s Day Quotes to Share

I would like to share one of my favorite Mother’s Day Quotes that I posted here in my blog last year:

“A mother’s love is patient and forgiving when all others are forsaking, it never fails or falters, even though the heart is breaking”

-Helen Rice

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms, mommies, mummies, mamas, nanays, and inays out there! Extra special greets to my Mama (me and Spiderham will be traveling to Quezon tomorrow!), Nanay (we’ll accompany Raven to Laguna while on our way to Quezon), my sisters, my godmothers, my aunties and my cousin-moms, my mummie-friends IRL and online.

If you are looking for other Mother’s Day Quotes, feel free to visit Marhgil, Zigfred and Shella Mae blog posts.

Mafia Wars Cheats and Tips: Central Mainframe Access

While working out on my Mafia Wars Paris jobs, I noted some cool updates with my Facebook Mafia Wars app. Zynga updated the Mafia Wars game by giving out some free cheat codes for the Central Mainframe Access.

Central Mainframe Access Code is a 10-digit hexadecimal value that is given to each mafia. I don’t know if this is the same mafia wars cheat code that Zynga will give you if you provided them some email address for the mafia wars updates, but since I did not gave out my email address, I guess this is either a different mafia wars promotional activity or maybe Zynga decided to just give it way for free.

Mafia players can key in these code access to gain special mafia wars rewards and bonuses every 24 hours.

If you are a mafia wars fanatic and you still do not have the Central Mainframe Access, login to your facebook account and play mafia wars  now and avail of this cool mafia wars tip.

Hope you like my mafia wars tips update.

10,000+ Spam and a New Category

Wow! achieve some new milestone this week: the spam comment count reached 10,000 🙂 Kidding aside I really do not understand why my blog attract a lot of spam comments, but I guess (and I do seriously hope) it comes with the traffic 🙂 . I am not complaining since Akismet seems to be doing a good job.

Also some other updates, I mentioned in my about page that I like food so the readers will see some occasional posts on food and restaurants here. Recently I noted that my food-related posts are getting plentiful already so I decided to create a new category slug: Food

Just keeping you posted on new stuffs and updates in

Power Overwhelming: Starcraft 2 Release on July 27, 2010

Update 2010.07.27

Nuclear Launch Detected!!!


Making this blog post sticky 🙂
Its final: Starcraft II will be released on July 27, 2010. Blizzard announced that Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty will simultaneously hit the stores in North America (United States, Canada) Europe, Asia and the Pacific (South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau) on that same day.

Some new Starcraft 2 video courtesy of Yahoo Video

Starcraft 2: Unexpected Encounter @ Yahoo! Video

The games is available in two packages: A USD60 retail boxed copy and a USD100 collectors box copy which comes with an art book, a soundtrack and an exclusive in game pet for WoW (World of Warcraft) and some other cool Blizzard stuffs.

We will be seeing once again the Terrans battle it out with the Zergs and Protoss and for me this is really exciting since the game developers have been giving out some teasers for more than a year already.

The game time-line is set four years after the Starcraft: Brood War campaign ended and fans will be seeing familiar characters like Raynor, Zeratul, Kerrigan, Mengsk and many more.

Thanks to SpiderHam for the related Starcraft II article.

Are you excited for the Starcraft 2 release too? Feel free to leave some comments here.

Watch Mayweather vs Mosley Online Via Sopcast, Ilemi and


Mayweather wins via Unanimous Decision over Mosley.

I am back in the Philippines now and because HBO PPV is quite expensive here I will be watching the Mayweather vs Mosley Live via sopcast or or ilemi. I have watched the Pacquiao vs Cotto via sopcast and I know sopcast will deliver up to date unlike the local channels (Solar TV amd GMA-7) which I believe will deliver it some several hours behind. Good thing my friend Ark posted some sopcast links that I can try:


Some disclaimer though: I cannot guarantee if the sopcast links will work but its worth a try if you want to watch Mayweather vs Mosley via sopcast for free. If the sopcast links works well, feel free to leave some comments here at my blog.

For the Mayweather Mosley ilemi link, you can try out:


Thanks to Charraven for the Mayweather Mosley links

For Mayweather Mosley Unlitv links kindly visit this Spiderham’s World post.

For the link and the link, I am still checking and will be posting it here too.

For the mean time check out the Mayweather vs Mosley Live, HBO 24/7 Series videos below:

The Mayweather Mosley Interview

Videos courtesy of youtube and HBO.