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A Blogging Milestone and Some Thank You Notes

Posted on November 3, 2010  in Personal Experiences

I want to start the month on a high note, so I thought why not share some good news about this blog right? I am happy to share that total Google Adsense earnings surpassed reached the 4-digit mark recently. This is really good news for me and I thank God for this wonderful blessing. Thanks also to my family and friends for the support they have given me and My gratitude also to my blogger friends who helped when along the way, some of them (like Marghil, Zigfred, Jehzlau, Tonyo, Macky and Jercyl among others) I have mentioned in my previous posts (see my Guerilla blogger post and my thank you post) and some I’ll be mentioning later. My appreciation also goes to the readers, subscribers and supporters of, I take pleasure in your visits and I promise to do my best in bringing in better blog posts for all of you.

I believe in the saying that “No Man is an Island” and this translates to “No Blog is an island” in the blogosphere. I value the interaction with other bloggers and with the blogging community. So in celebration of this milestone and to show me appreciation to them (and to the whole blogging community too), I am featuring some six blogs and websites here at

1. Pinoy Fitness. Pinoy Fitness is the best resource for Fitness Events in the Philippines. Whether it be a running schedule or race result or an event review or other fitness events update, Jeff have something for it at

2. Hakuna Matata. Arkhe discusses Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), UFC and other sporting events like basketball and boxing at Hakuna Matata blog. I had a chance to collaborate with Arkhe on some of the pacquiao fights and he was really very helpful. Visit his blog at

3. Paradox Equation. Kimwell writes about Photography, Games and other topics at Paradox Equation. I met Kimwell online via one of the blogging experiments in the net and have the chance to interact with him on several Facebook games posts. Visit his blog at

4. Spider Ham World. Spiderham talks about Movies, TV shows, games, books and magazines on his blog. He also takes cool pics with Dietrich (his Nikon cam) and shares them in his blog. Some pics in the past posts are courtesy of Spiderham and I’m happy to promote his blog here at Visit his blog at

5. Pseudo Barefoot Runner. BarefootDaves shares his views on running in his Pseudo Barefoot Runner Blog. His blog discusses running topics that range from barefoot running/minimalist to race event reviews and running experiences. Visit his blog at
6. Batangas Today. Batangas Today is a website discussing latest news on Batangas and around the world. Spearheaded by Marhgil of, Batangas Today is backed up by wonderful staff (you guys and gals deserve a separate blog shout out in the future) and the website have updates for a wide variety of topics ranging from Science, Technology, Business, Sports, Entertainment, World Events and more. Visit the website at

You might be wondering why only six? I’m doing in this the tradition of my six free cafe world cheats, my six free petville cheats, my six free wow tips, my six social city cheats, my six starcraft 2 crack, and my free six video posts. I acknowledge that other blogs, websites and blogger friends are worthy of this kind of post so I promise to do another free six blog and websites shout out post soon here at

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  1. wooow!4 digits na ang earnings nyo sir! Congrats sir! Yup i agree, no blog is an island, last time I posted a comment here yun din ang sinabi ko haha, mejo di rin kasi ako ganun active makipag social life sa blogging hehe. 😀 Galing! More power sa site nyo sir! 😀

  2. Wow!! Reading this post gives me the much needed inspiration. Thank you for featuring me Sir Menard. Ive learned so much from you and congratulations on that 4 digit mark.. Hopefully I could reach that mark as well…hahaha..

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