On My Christmas Wishlist: $99 Tablet Computer


Two $99 tablet computer will be out there (in actual stores and online shops) in the coming days…

The first $99 tablet computer is the Novo7.

Image Credit: www.ainovo.com

Dubbed as the first tablet running on the Android yummy Ice Cream Sandwich OS, the Novo7 runs on a 1GHz processor, got 7-inch touchscreen display, have front and back camera, and is wi-fi and 3G capable. The Novo7 device is reported to be power efficient and can stay on standby for 300 hours or 6 hours of non-stop pure gaming.

For me definitely this Ice cream sandwich and below 100 bucks pricing is really great value that’s why its on my Christmas wishlist. For more details on the novo7 kindly visit their site at ainovo.com

The second $99 tablet computer is the HP Touchpad that is rumored to be on sale over the weekend via Ebay.

Image Credit: www.hp.com

As per Techcrunch starting December 11th at 6PM (Central Time) HP Touchpads (16GB and 32GB variants) will be available on HP’s Ebay Store for $99. For an additional 79 bucks you can also score the accessory bundle, which includes a case, charging dock and wireless keyboard.

HP did some fire sale some months back because they decided to abandon their WebOS so this may be their last hurrah for the Touchpad. I’m curious about the WebOS and for 99 bucks I guess its another great deal!

For more details on the $99 tablet sale, kindly visit Batangastoday and Techcrunch.

And if Santa is reading my blog, I want to shout out my Christmas plea

Dear Santa, I’ve been a good boy all year long!!! Kindly take your pick on the two $99 tablet computer above 🙂 Merry Christmas!!!

Hope you also like to have the $99 tablet computer!