Free Six Pictures: The RBC Tower 3 Project

Personal Experiences

There is a construction project going on near my workplace. They are building this Tower 3 for Rockwell Business Center and Spiderham shared some idea for a secret project he is planning for his photo blog. As Iā€™m not a photoblogger but I do occasionally post some interesting pics here at but I still I would like to do a similar project because this RBC Tower 3 construction is an interesting project (more on this “interesting” stuff in a future post). So I will do this picture project with a twist: do it the free six way (just like my free six video and other free six posts) and publish pics faster (so that crawlers can do their stuff) šŸ™‚ .

So here are six pictures for my RBC Tower 3 Project:


Week 1 Day 3


Week 1 Day 4


Week 1 Day 5


Week 2 Day 2


Week 2 Day 3


Week 2 Day 5

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