Bloggers for Freedom

I just signed the Bloggers for Freedom statement. Statement: Bloggers for Freedom We concerned Filipino bloggers stand for the rights to free expression and to free speech. And our first responsibility is to protect these rights. We thus stand with Rappler, its right to exist, the rights of its working journalists and contributors, and the… Continue reading Bloggers for Freedom

Call for Help: Merck Osena Hospitalization and Healing Fund

Our youngest brother Merck Osena suffered a stroke last August 24, 2017. We rushed him to the hospital at 2AM and have undergone 2 neurosurgical operations within his first 24 hours. The first operation was to remove the blood clot and the second one is to stop the bleeding and relieve pressure in his brain (craniectomy).  … Continue reading Call for Help: Merck Osena Hospitalization and Healing Fund

On Bitcoin, the Philippines and Coins.PH

I love bitcoins and cryptocurrencies and I wrote some articles about bitcoin here at and in our company security blog some years back. I also delved into mining crypto-coins but my electricity costs and my alt-coin mining difficulty is at odds so I re-assessed the situation and concluded it was not cost effective anymore.… Continue reading On Bitcoin, the Philippines and Coins.PH

Some Blogging Thoughts

“It is a fool who repeats the same actions expecting a different outcome” -Grom Hellscream, Lord of the Clans by Christie Golden I was reading my friends article entitled Filipinos actually love their bloggers via Manila Bulletin  and I did some reflection on why there are very few posts here in recently. So many reasons… Continue reading Some Blogging Thoughts

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year 2017!!! And since its already the end of the month and will be Lunar New Year soon let me greet you all too Gong Xi Fa Cai!!! I am wishing you, all my friends and readers to have a Prosperous New Year in 2017, the year of the Fiery Rooster. Watch out… Continue reading Happy New Year!!!

Why I Avoid Discussing Philippine Election Related Topics

Backstory: I discussed the 3 reasons below to some twitter friends, when they asked for my comment on the automated election system. I jokingly said that I have a personally-imposed “gag order” on the specific issue 🙂 but sent them some personal notes explaining my reason. As the 2016 election day draws near, I reflected… Continue reading Why I Avoid Discussing Philippine Election Related Topics