Pahiyas Festival 2015

Here’s another Post Picture Now Blog Details Later post featuring my very own province.

Raven and I went to Lucban, Quezon last week to attend the Pahiyas Festival 2015. Its been ages since I last visited Lucban for a Pahiyas festival and we were very happy to experience the different displays for the Pahiyas, the wonderful food and all the activities. I am posting these six photos as a prelude to a future blog post here at

Pinagong Part 2

One of things I love about Quezon province is the food. Take Pinagong for example:

This is a good reward for me after that long wait to cast that vote last Monday

That’s oven-fresh Pinagong with some oven-fresh monay on the side! Goes well with ice-cold softdrinks! 🙂

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