Free Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security!!!

Happy New Year!!! To start the year, let me post about some freebies that we are giving away!!! My company (Trend Micro) is giving away some FREE AV (Antivirus) product. This means you and your family and friends in the Philippines can get a legit Trend Micro Security Product for 1 year! Yes 12 months… Continue reading Free Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security!!!

Free AV/Security Product: Trend Micro Work From Home Assistance Program

Hi friends and readers!!! I hope you are all-OK during this trying Covid-19 times. I am doing great and is currently working remotely because Manila and the rest of Luzon, Philippines is under the Enhanced Community Quarantine. Long time no post here in but today, I have some good news for those who are… Continue reading Free AV/Security Product: Trend Micro Work From Home Assistance Program

Trend Micro CTF 2017

Hello Friends!!! Our company is running a cool educational contest this summer that is worth checking out. It is a global competition intended to help build skills among young professionals and seasoned veterans in the area of cybersecurity. This Trend Micro event, called Capture the Flag (CTF), will consist of challenges across 4 disciplines including targeted… Continue reading Trend Micro CTF 2017

Shellshocked: Some Bash #Vuln Useful Links

Last week, I was “literally” fooling around with the bash bug by reposting 9gag images about it 🙂 For you @ErrataRob #ShellShocked #TMNT — OMG ??XOR (@SynAckPwn) September 25, 2014 and mashing it up with old movie flicks: Everytime I read/hear about this #vuln the names of #Popoy and #Bash comes to my mind… Continue reading Shellshocked: Some Bash #Vuln Useful Links

On Cybercrime and Interpol

I am re-posting some news release from Interpol related to Trend Micro. This is about the collaborative efforts between the two organizations to support global law enforcement programs and combat cybercrime. 24 June 2013 – Media release INTERPOL and Trend Micro to collaborate against cybercrime LYON, France – INTERPOL and Trend Micro Inc. have announced… Continue reading On Cybercrime and Interpol

On Ransomware and Reveton

Ransomware is a tricky problem in the #infosec world. These type of malware “kidnaps” the users files and/or system and demands money in exchange for the file /or systems “freedom”. According to Wikipedia, Ransomware comprises a class of malware which restricts access to the computer system that it infects, and demands a ransom paid to… Continue reading On Ransomware and Reveton

TrendLabs PH Blogger Tour Part 2 Post

I mentioned several weeks ago that I joined the TrendLabs PH Blogger Tour and I welcomed some Pinoy Tech Bloggers to our Labs. I got hold of some of the blogger’s articles and links about the TrendLabs Tour and as a sign of my appreciation I am giving out some link-love here at Inside an… Continue reading TrendLabs PH Blogger Tour Part 2 Post

TrendLabs PH Bloggers Tour

Last week I participated in our company event for PH Tech Bloggers. I presented to Pinoy Tech Bloggers our company (Trend Micro) and what do we TrendLabs dudes and dudettes do for a living 🙂 Image Credit: TrendLabs/Trend Micro My presentation is entitled “TrendLabs Tour, 1,000,000,000 threats daily, 1,000 Threat Response Specialists fighting the good… Continue reading TrendLabs PH Bloggers Tour

Trend Micro Pilipinas: 50% Discount – Titanium Maximum Security

Trend Micro Pilipinas in Facebook is offering a 50% discount for Titanium Maximum Security product. This is their way of saying “Thank you” for the support FB users are giving to Trend Micro Pilipinas. Titanium Maximum Security costs PHP 1495, but it can be availed for PHP 747.50 by using the promotional code. Titanium Maximum… Continue reading Trend Micro Pilipinas: 50% Discount – Titanium Maximum Security