Flappy Bird Cheats

It’s been a long time since I featured a game here at menardconnect.com. And since this Flappy Bird game is such a hit let me do some Flappy Bird Cheats post.

Flappy Bird Splash

Flappy Bird is really an addicting game for most people. I am not really sure why. Maybe because its so simple and yet so difficult. The game was released last year (around May 2013) and was removed from both Apple AppStore and Google Play last week.

The first Flappy Bird Cheat I found out was this: there were lots of Flappy Bird cheaters out there. By cheaters I mean really nasty people creating and releasing fake and malicious apps and games. They are taking advantage that the author have removed it from the App Store and Google Play. Quoting my colleagues report  at Trendlabs Security Intel Blog

The interesting turn of events surrounding the game Flappy Bird has had the Internet buzzing: after becoming massively popular (downloaded more than 50 million times), the developer suddenly announced that he will take down the game from app stores, and then actually did it. The decision brought the interest around the game to an even greater scale, with similar apps seen emerging in app stores, and even auctions for devices with the app installed.

The next development we saw, however, is a less desirable one: we found a bunch of fake Android Flappy Bird apps spreading online”

Full story here

Its really sad to see that bad guys (read: cybercriminals) are always up-to-date on the latest buzz and trends. And they will take each opportunity to constantly make money/quick bucks on popular games (like Flappy Bird and Temple Run 2). I guess because that’s where the money is.

While sharing and tweeting that gaming/security blog post last week:

I discovered my next Flappy Bird Cheat: Twitter have its own share of Flappy Bird cheaters.

By just twitting about Flappy Bird, (match it with #hashtag #flappybird) Twitter autobots will reply to your tweet offering Flappy Bird cheats and Flappy Bird hacks.


 Flappy Bird Unlimited Lives? What?


 I was really lost on how Harry Potter got in the picture here 😀

Don’t worry I am always a responsible internet citizen and I reported these spammers to Twitter Spam Team.

So for those looking for Flappy Bird cheats and hacks, be careful ok? Don’t blame me if you get something bad and malicious in the internetz!!!

For me I think I will still be on the lookout for other legit tricks. Why? Because my Flappy Bird high score is still…

my Flappy Bird high score not that high 😀

I hope you like my Flappy Bird cheat warning post.

Watch out for more gaming post soon…

Free The Croods Game Cheats and Tips: 1.1.0 Updates and Level 21 Cheats

Some updates to my Free The Croods Game Cheats Saga series 🙂


The Croods Game got some update via Google Play Store before the month of May started. The Croods Game Version 1.1.0 update gives out some exciting twist to the game. The Croods animals each now have their own favorite decorations and this will boost resource build time by 5% each.


In the above Croods Game screenshot, the 3 decorations around the Fish Cat gives 5% boost each

So my The Croods Game tip for the day will be to give each of your important and critical animal homes their favorite decorations.

The Croods Game Level 20 Level up is also great as it will give Free 100 Croods crystals as a reward. But what find amazing is that Level 21 is still coming soon.



Because I want to enjoy The Croods Game I tried some experiment that I hope can result to The Croods Game Level 21 cheats 🙂 . For the last 2 weeks I tried concentrating and finishing Grug’s Forklift invention


but I am not impressed with the results.

Yes stockpiling sticks and stones completes Grug’s Forklift invention and will reward free 30,000 coins, but the wait process is very very long (Zeaver home build-wait-time is around 190+ hours and the zeaver is very slow and can only produce 3 sticks at a time). And after completing forklift invention, you will just see this message:


🙁 and all quests are coming soon:




That ends my much anticipated The Croods Game Level 21 cheats.

I hope Rovio will give some The Crood game updates soon…

Free The Croods Game Cheats and Tips Part 2

I have not played The Croods much because my vacation mode is over. But I want to do a follow up post for my Free The Croods Game Cheats post so I am sharing some more The Croods Game Tips that can help you level up faster and enjoy the game more too.


On my current level, tasks (Gran’s chores) are really hard and expensive.


For example, Evolving Fish Cat home will cost you 24,300 coins


While building a Zeaver home you will need to shell out 32,400 coins


So to help fellow Croods players with some ideas, I’m sharing these The Croods Game Tips.
The Croods Game Tip #1 Evolve Berry Bush as soon as The Croods crystals are available.
Berries are the first resource and it’s like the foundation of all other Croods resources.  Evolve both berry bushes to at least 24 berry production-capacity.


Just be careful because evolving berry bush will need a lot of The Croods crystals (50 crystals for the 24-berry production, 100 crystals for the next level).

The Croods Game Tip #2 Need Free Croods Crystals? Remove Rocks and Trees.
Yes removing rocks and trees will give some XP points and the much valued Croods crystals. But you will need some Croods coins to do it.
Removing Big Trees will yield some 20 XPs and 3 crystals

Removing Big Rocks will give out some 40 XPs and 4 crystals



And to avoid the Croods Crystal waste due to accidental clicking that I mentioned in my previous post, it is recommended to do a 1-time removal of trees and rocks in 1 area and spend the crystals asap (maybe for Berry bush upgrades, see Tip #1 above)


The Croods Game Tip #3 Evolve Traps to boost luring/trapping luck.

Grug is a kinda weak when it comes to luring /trapping higher level Croods animals so help him by evolving the traps.


This cost croods coins and sometime croods crystals too.


The Croods Game Tip #4 Help Grug with his inventions

This is one of the costlier tasks in-game. Grug inventions are needed to progress and expand in the game. Help Grug with his inventions and get some extra coins too (but a lot of resource needed and the inventions are in 3 stages).
Here is Grug invention materials needed (Folklift, Stage 3)

Hope you liked my Free The Croods Game Tips and Cheats post. You can also visit my previous post: Free Six The Croods Game Cheats and Tips  know more The Croods Game Cheats.

Free Six The Croods Game Cheats and Tips

As I mentioned in my previous post, I missed doing my free six series. I also missed doing some Android and mobile gaming post so why not combine them into one post 🙂
Are you looking for The Croods game cheats or The Croods game tips perhaps? Maybe you want some free Croods coins or free Croods crystals too? If yes, then you are lucky today and you have come to the right place. Just read my tips and tricks below and try it.

I discovered this Free Android App The Croods game by Rovio and Dreamworks over the weekend and I liked it very much. The Croods game is free for Android, and is also available for free to iPhones and iPads. I discovered a lot of good game tips over the weekend so in the tradition of my free six video, my six cafe world cheats, my free wow mounts and my other free six series posts, here are some Free Six The Croods Game Cheats, Tips and Tricks:

The Croods Game Cheat #1. Fastest way to level is to follow Granny and do Gran’s chores.
Yes you hairy oafs Gran gives good advices at the start of the game and this true all over the course of the game. And by doing her chores you gain good The Croods XP experience points and free Croods coins.


Just follow Gran’s advice. As much as possible DO NOT create new homes/structures yet or upgrade existing ones before Gran tells you. Because Gran will request it as the game progress and it’s a waste of time/resource re-doing the structures/upgrades.

The Croods Game Cheat #2. Group similar structures (homes) together.
Keep structures or homes close/adjacent/near each other so that it will be easier to manage. I learned this in Warcraft, Starcraft and other games and this is generally useful for most games, the Croods Game included.


Here I place my Molarbear homes and Bunny Beast homes near each other so that I can create carrots and stones faster.

The Croods Game Cheat #3.Use Capacity. Queue it.
Chores can be done in queue (or sequence) when you have needed materials.
Look at the image below. My Molarbear is currently doing 6 carrots on queue.


I can feed my Molarbear with more berries so that it can do production queue up to 16 carrots and the bar below it will reach full capacity (see next image).


Capacity can be increased when evolving homes.

The Croods Game Cheat #4. Need Free Croods Coin? Trade with Ugga and create Ugga’s soup.

This is the safest Free Croods Coins tip in-game.


This is win-win because you create soup to level up the creatures and have Free Croods Coins rewards. But if you are a rich kid then go buy some Croods coins in game.

The Croods Game Cheat #5. Be Careful with the Crystals.

On my current level, the Crood Crystals are the hardest to get and therefore the most important resource in game in my own personal opinion.

I don’t know if this is really game design or maybe my phone is just too small for the game but the upgrade using crystals mechanism is so easy to use accidentally and there is no confirmation. See image below


Yes, pressing this crystal will instantly finish the resource production or animal home upgrade. But when there are lot of clickable items in the game screen (example is that there are many items to harvest already) its really easy to accidentally hit on this crystal. But again, if you are a rich kid then go on buy some Croods crystal in game too 🙂


The Croods Game Cheat #6. Increase cave storage.
As the game progresses, cave storage becomes very important because it will tell you how many resources you can keep.


Cave storage needs lots of Croods crystals and given the difficulty of crystals in-game, I would recommend paying attention to this tip and upgrading as soon as resources permit.
As a bonus cheat: like my usual game cheats and tips post, I always encourage safe gaming, meaning don’t cheat, don’t run other app/exe/scripts/surveys that promises to give you free Croods coins or free Croods crystals. There are lots of malware, spyware, keylogger, malicious downloaders, fake apps, fake surveys out there that are masquerading as cheat tools and engines. Always be safe in your gaming. OK?

Hope you like my Free Six The Croods cheats and tips post.

Update 2013.04.20

For more the Croods tips and tricks, kindly visit my new post: Free The Croods Game Cheats and Tips Part 2

Free Android Apps: The Croods by Rovio and Dreamworks

I’m into Android games again so I am sharing one new fantastic Free Android Game App here at menardconnect.com


Rovio and Dreamworks teamed up in making The Croods game for Android and iOS. Cool game! Its a hunt, gather, tame, build game. The games features the characters from the movie The Croods.

To give you an idea here is the intro video from Rovio and Youtube

Another video of the gameplay of the Free The Croods game:

Quoting the Facebook Page



Try it, its available for free download via Google Play


Its also available for free for iOS iPads and iPhones (Apple Store)


And available for free too via Amazon Apps


I will try my best to come up with The Croods Cheats and Tips post soon 🙂

Download Free Temple Run 2 For Android… NOT

Since I have promised in my Temple Run 2 Download for iPad post that I will give updates whenever I already have Free Temple Run 2 For Android download links, I am constantly looking out for that Temple Run 2 for Android in Google Play Store.

Around 11:35 PM (GMT+8) of January 19, I found these apps in Google Play Store


Wow! got 2 hits for Temple Run 2 HD and they are using the new Temple Run 2 logo, really they have it in Android and its in HD (another wow!) am I lucky that day?

Looking closely at the first app I discovered something fishy.


Because original developers of the Temple Run is Imangi Studios and _NOT_ IMANGHI (take note of the H). 5900+ ratings. I looked further at the description of the app and its the same cut and paste description text found in the iTunes:

The sequel to the smash hit phenomenon that took the world by storm!

With over 170 million downloads, Temple Run redefined mobile gaming. Now get more of the exhilarating running, jumping, turning and sliding you love in Temple Run 2!

Looking at the second suspicious Temple Run 2 HD for Android app

the descriptionIS the same text description found in iTunes. Lazy Ctrl+C – Ctrl+V

Researching further, I looked at the reviews and this KSGBLUEAPPS version already have 122 5-stars. Wow!
Reading the full description of the apps and some of the user reviews I confirmed my suspicions: users are already complaining that these apps are just a puzzle/wallpaper apps, they are _NOT_ the legit Temple Run 2 app and they come with a big twist, with lots of Ads/Advertisement links (and by the sound of the 1-star reviewers comment, loads of Ad/Advertisement-related links for your mobile phone). This is very PREDICTABLE if you will ask me, as Ad/Adverts will bring in cash (kaching-kaching) and that is where the money is 🙂

What I find really amazing is “they” ARE FAST. In less than 2 days after the legit version Temple Run 2 for iOS was released, suspicious Temple Run 2 Android apps already made it in the Google Play Store.

So I did NOT download it and I forgot about it already (Either I’m getting old or I’m a very busy guy yah know :p)

Fast forward to January 22 around 4PM (GMT+8), a teammate send me an email asking about some malicious Android app related to Temple Run 2. So I checked their concern and remembered my weekend ad-friendly apps. I also searched for them, yup the previous Temple Run 2 HD for Android apps by Imanghi and KSGBlueApps from Google Play. Alas! both apps are already _NOT_ available via Google Play. I have several (conspiracy) theories on why they were removed but I will keep them to myself. What is important now is that Trend Micro already detects the said apps as ANDROIDOS_FAKETEMPLRUN.A, a Malware Blog post is already publicly available:

Fake Versions of Temple Run 2 Sprint Their Way to Users via Trend Micro Security Intelligence Blog.

and the said malicious apps are already kicked out in Google Play Store 🙂

Some questions remain:

  • Are the apps (I screen captured) exact copies of those apps that my teammates analyzed for the Malware Blog post: Maybe. If we will base it from company name, description and related strings, most probably its the same.
  • Am I sure about this? Not 100%. Sorry I do not have the exact APK file to compare it byte per byte to come up with a conclusion.
  • Why did Google removed them from Google Play? I don’t know. You better ask them not me :p
  • Do you see where these questions are leading you? (hehe conspiracy theorist = menard)

Lesson learned. Back to basic security tip: Be cautious of what you search, download and install to your mobile phone (this also applies to desktop/PCs). Be careful also with other unofficial Android Markets and websites offering free apps.

Better be safe than sorry OK?

AI: Do a blog post as an awareness campaign. Check!

Again be careful: malicious Temple Run 2 Android apps are out there in the wild.

Lastly some disclosure:
I work at Trend Micro. The views expressed in this blog post are mine and mine alone and do not necessarily represent my employer’s positions, strategies or opinions.
To know more about me (work and other stuff), kindly visit my about page.
To know more about my blogs full disclosure policy, kindly visit my disclosure page.

ScreenCapture Credits: Me and Gorehowldroid

Update: 2013.01.26

Legit Temple Run 2 For Android available now via Google Play Store:


Free iPad Apps: Temple Run 2 Download

This week I did my first iPad app review (Toca Band review) post and to keep the momentum and as a follow up post to my Free iPad Apps series, I’m doing a quick write-up about Temple Run 2.

Yesterday we tried to download Temple Run 2 in both the iTunes and Google Play. Temple Run 2 is the sequel of Temple Run hit game.
We have been successful via iTunes but we have no luck at the Google Play Store.


Temple Run 2 Icon

Image Credit: Itunes and Imangi Studios

Temple Run 2 is the same running, jumping, and sliding fun and excitement with as the previous Imangi Studios game. I love the more 3D-ish feel of Temple Run 2 (compared to the 1st game) as well as more Power Ups for grabs and the gems-save-me concept (hehe kaching-kaching). I’m just sorry for the little monkeys 🙂 because a much bigger Gorilla/monkey is taking over the Temple Run 2 chase and is now running after our protagonist.

Temple Run 2 screengrab

Temple Run 2 Screengrab for iPad

Image Credit: Itunes and Imangi Studios

A definitely must-download game if you love the Temple Run game (and series too)!

Watch the Temple Run 2 Gameplay below:

Video Credits: Youtube.com

Curiously the Temple Run 2 Download is not yet available from the Google Play Store, and the Imangi Studios official website have NOT listed it as available (as of writing this post). I heard rumors that the Temple Run 2 Download for Android will be available by next week and I hope by that time Imangi Studios official website info will also be up to date.

Temple Run 2 Download FREE for both iPhone and iPad at


Temple Run 2 Download for Android =

Update: 2013.01.26


Coming Soon (I will update this post when its available) but you may want to check out my newer post here

Hope you liked my free iPad Apps: Temple Run 2 Download post!

Bad Piggies Download: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I really love the Bad Piggies. This is the reason why i posted the Pigs Are Awesome, Birds Stink post. I also supported #JoinTeamGreen in twitter

But I guess news about Bad Piggies and Bad Piggies Download is not all good (reminiscing the “its all good” quote from the Angry Birds). Bad Piggies Download can go bad and ugly too 🙂

The Good

Bad Piggies reached the top spot in the iTunes App Store Download list just three hours after the September 27, 2012 launch.

Rovio had several great releases for 2012.  The Angry Birds Space and Amazing Alex games also topped the iTunes App Store Download Charts. But Bad Piggies games broke previous Rovio records with its 3-hour surge to the top of the download charts.

Bad Piggies continues to get great reviews from gaming and news websites like all IGN, Kotaku, Wired, Gamezebo and Touch Arcade.

The Bad
My Android phone is not compatible with the Bad Piggies game. I will try the Bad Piggies PC version over the weekend and see if I will like the gameplay . For more info on the Bad Piggies game play kindly view the Bad Piggies game play courtesy of youtube and Rovio.

But I guess this is just as bad (and sad) news for me (and not for other Piggie fanatics out there). But I am still hopeful (that I can buy a new phone just to play Bad Piggies 🙂 *woot*

The Ugly
Malicious and Fake Bad Piggies app are in the wild and users should be wary of downloading Bad Piggies apps that are NOT from official sources (Google Play, Apple Store, official Rovio sources).  Trend Micro warns about the ANDROIDOS_FAKEINST.A malware that can be downloaded from some Russian websites.

Quoting Trendlabs Security intelligence Blog

The said (Russian) site offers the said app on different platforms. Instead of the actual Bad Piggies app, users instead download a malicious .APK file detected as ANDROIDOS_FAKEINST.A. Once installed, it creates a shortcut on the device’s homepage and sends SMS messages to specific numbers. As mentioned, these messages are sent without user consent and may cost users to pay extra for something they didn’t authorize.

To all Bad Piggies fans out there: BE careful OK?

I will post some Bad Piggies review soon (and maybe some Bad Piggies cheats and tips too)

Angry Birds Space Cheats: Golden Egg Location Part 3 – Breakout

I’ve been out in the woods because of the long holiday (+ some other official work and personal tasks too) so no post for some time here in menardconnect.com.

But today I will share another Angry Birds Space Cheats so let’s get started with the Golden Egg Part 3 post 🙂

As I mentioned in the first Angry Birds Space Cheats post, the third Angry Birds Space Golden Egg is on Level 2-13. The golden egg is hidden in the plants/bushes in the planet below the planet of the sling shot.

My Angry Birds Space Cheats for this level is to just hit the golden egg first and worry about the Bad piggies later.

Again, when the player hit the Angry Birds Space Golden Egg, there will be a black hole animation thing for the transition to the next secret level.

The player will then be transported to the Angry Birds meets Breakout Secret level.

This secret level is easy! You just need to remember that just like in Breakout, the Angry Birds can bounce when you hit the bricks above and near the Bad piggies.

To recap, the first Angry Birds Space Golden Egg are located in Level 1-9, as discussed in my previous post.

The next Angry Birds Space Golden Egg are located in Level 1-20, as discussed in my Angry Birds meets Super Mario post.

Next will be at Level 2-25. The Angry Birds Space Golden Egg is on the same planet of slingshot. Just zoom out and it is on the opposite side of the planet.

Next will be at Level 2-28. The Angry Birds Space Golden Egg is hidden the snow just next to the arrow sign.

Hope you like my Angry Birds Space Cheats post.

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Watch out for more Angry Birds Space tips here soon…

Angry Birds Space Cheats: Golden Egg Location Part 2 – Super Mario

I will share another Angry Birds Space Cheats today, so here is the Golden Egg Part 2 post 🙂

As I mentioned in the first post, the next Angry Birds Space Golden Egg is on Level 1-20. The golden egg is hidden in the plants/bushes of the planet. See image below:

My Angry Birds Space Cheats for the day is to hit the golden egg and the three bad piggies in one shot to have a Angry Birds Space 3 stars.

When the player hit the Angry Birds Space Golden Egg, there will be a black hole forming up in the space in transition for the next secret level.

The player will then be transported to the Angry Birds meets Super Mario secret level.

My Angry Birds Space Cheats for this Angry Birds meets Super Mario level is to know where the target bad piggy is hiding

Hit this brick and the Bad piggy will come out like a mushroom in the good ol’ Super Mario days 🙂
To recap, the other Angry Birds Space Golden Eggs are located in Level 1-9, as discussed in my previous post.

Level 2-13: Zoom out and the golden egg will be in the plants/bushes of the planet below the sling shot. This Angry Birds Space Golden Egg unlocks the Angry Birds meets Breakout level.

Level 2-25: The Angry Birds Space Golden Egg is on the same planet of slingshot. Just zoom out and it is on the opposite side of the planet.

Level 2-28: The Angry Birds Space Golden Egg is hidden the snow just next to the arrow sign.

Hope you like my Angry Birds Space Cheats post Watch out for more Angry Birds Space tips here soon…