Facebook Angry Birds Cheats: Login Daily, Rewards and Prizes Awaits

Are you looking for some Facebook Angry Birds Cheats or some Facebook Angry Birds Tips? Then I will share another Facebook Angry Birds cheat that I have discovered 🙂

Facebook Angry Birds gives Daily Rewards whenever you login.

I logged in Facebook Angry Birds in Day 1 and I got this Daily Rewards:

I logged in Facebook Angry Birds the next day (Day 2) and my daily rewards was doubled

I logged again in Facebook Angry Birds the next day (Day 3) and my daily rewards was tripled:

So my Facebook Angry Birds Cheats for the day is: You should login to Facebook Angry Birds for 5 consecutive days, and you will get lots and lots of Daily Rewards. Because your rewards and prizes will be multiplied when you login to Facebook Angry Birds for consecutive days.

Try it now!!!

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Angry Birds Space Teaser Video 2 Released

Angry Birds Space 2nd teaser video was released yesterday!

Image Credit: Rovio.com

My question on my previous Angry Birds Space post last month was answered by the second teaser video as the it confirms that the cute Bad Piggies will be part of Angry Birds Space stotyline too. The teaser video says that “In space, nobody can hear you squeal” referring to the Bad Piggies struggle of course.

The video is titled Angry Birds SpacePigs in Space and is available in youtube and Rovio Blog.

Video Credit: Rovio.com and Youtube.com

Like what I posted last month here at menardconnect.com, the Angry Birds and the Bad Piggies are going into space orbit on March 22.

Game Dev Rovio also confirmed that the Angry Birds Space official announcement will be on March 8 and the Angry Birds Space game will be available for download on March 22.

Want more details? Kindly visit batangastoday.com.

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Facebook Angry Birds Cheats and Tips

Angry Birds is now on Facebook!!! It all started on Valentine’ Day last week, I blogged about it here.

Are you looking for some Facebook Angry Birds Cheats or Facebook Angry Birds Tips then you are in the right place 🙂

I have played Facebook Angry Birds and its great! Facebook Angry Birds is like the original Angry Birds app for iPhone and Android but with a twist 🙂

Starting the game you will have the familiar episodes (Poached Eggs and Mighty Hoax) and the new  Surf and Turf Facebook exclusive episode.

So in the tradition of my six cafe world cheats, my six free android fix, my six free wow mount, my free six video posts, here are some six Facebook Angry Birds Cheats and Tips worth sharing

#1. Facebook Angry Birds have power-ups and knowing when to use the power ups will definitely give you advantage.

Here are some examples of the Facebook Angry Birds power ups

#2. BirdQuake Power Up will definitely cause a Quake and Rattle the Battle

#3. King Sling Power Up will boost and get you maximum velocity

#4. Sling Scope Power Up will help you target the Bad Piggies more accurately, so that you don’t shoot in the dark

#5. Super Seed Power Up will literally Super Size your Angry Birds

#6. And last but not the least: Do not cheat! Why? Cheaters never win!!!!

Angry Birds is a fun game and Facebook Angry Birds adds the social and friends dimension, so enjoy the game with your Facebook friends. Keeping the security mindset (always a core message for this blog), I highly recommend that you DO NOT run executable programs/apps that supposedly will do some magic trick for your Facebook Angry Birds. There are sites that are offering these kinds of tools and cheat engines and my advise is stay on the safe side. If you cannot determine if the app is good or bad (by knowing exactly what the app/exe is doing on the system/registry level (via reverse engineering or system monitoring, etc.) then DO NOT try to run it in your machine (whether you got a PC or Mac). Btw, this applies to your Android and iOS devices too! There are a lots of malware, spyware, keyloggers, and trojan downloaders out there that are masquerading as cheat tools and engines and fan apps.

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Update 2012.03.19
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Angry Birds Space Launch on March 22

Our favorite furious fowl, Angry Birds, is launching into orbit this March 22, 2012.

Meet the newest addition to the Angry Birds family: Angry Birds Space!!!

Video credit: youtube.com and Rovio Mobile

Quoting the official Rovio Blog:

We are VERY excited to announce our next game: Angry Birds Space! It’s going to be the biggest game launch since the original Angry Birds!

Angry Birds Space is a completely new game with innovative new gameplay, but with some of the familiar Angry Birds elements that fans already know and love — plus some surprises!

Wow! The Angry Birds are conquering the outer space now! Exciting!

Rovio is keeping the excitement on a high level and did not share much details about the newest game. The Angry Birds Space video teaser just shared the subtitle “Its one small fling for a bird, one quantum leap for birdkind“.

They also promised announce more information early March, and on launch date (March 22) they will launch Angry Birds Space simultaneously in mobile gaming, animation, retail, and publishing.

My question to Rovio folks: Will we also be seeing the cute angry pigs in Angry Birds Space?

I will definitely keep an eye out for this newest Angry Birds Space game.

Hopefully they also release simultaneously in Android, iOS and other platforms.

For more details, kindly visit batangastoday.com.

Play Angry Birds Online in Facebook Starting Valentine’s Day

Combine Angry Birds, Facebook and Valentines Day and the result will be???

Image Credit: Youtube.com and RovioMobile

Yup it’s official!!! Our favorite furious fowl, Angry Birds, is coming to Facebook on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2012.

Watch the Official Play Angry Birds Online Facebook Video:

Video Credit: Youtube.com and RovioMobile

Quoting the official Angry Birds Facebook event page:

Squawk! Everyone’s favorite furious fowl, Angry Birds, is coming to Facebook!

Nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” like competitive pig-popping among friends!

Join in on the fun – mark this date on your calendars, and let’s make this the biggest Facebook Event ever!

Mark your calendars: Tuesday, February 14, 2012 6:00pm until 9:00pm


Visit the official Facebook page:


and help the Pigs like the Official Angry Birds App Page.

Image Credit: Facebook.com


So I guess you’ll see more Facebook and Angry Birds posts in menardconnect.com soon 🙂

Happy Ham-O-Ween!!!

Rovio released a new patch for the Angry Birds Seasons last week. It is the time of the year for some trick or treat games so I guess it is perfect timing too for Ham’O’Ween. Angry Birds Seasons Ham’O’Ween also features a new angry bird. Meet Angry Orange Bird who can blow up like a big balloon 🙂

See official video for the Angry Birds Seasons Ham’O’Ween by Rovio Mobile

Angry Orange Bird starts to shine around Angry Birds Seasons Ham’O’Ween 1-4.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Very Late Angry Birds Post

I’m a late bloomer Android dude so forgive me for sharing this Angry Birds vid so late (after it got some 9M+ hits already).

Got this from Youtube and if you have played Angry Birds via Android or iPhone or Symbian or Chrome or Google+ (or put all other supported devices and platforms here) you’ll get the point why most of us (if not all) love this video.


Video Credits: Youtube.com and Uploader Keshet
My fave moments and highlights:

Angry Blue Bird’s “Weeeeeeeh” at 0:26
Angry Black Bird’s eating habits from 0:30 and onwards
Pig’s amazement and “Huh” at 0:47
Angry Red Bird‘s “Say what?” at 0:50
<Bleep> off!!!” at 0:52
It’s all good!” at 1:02
Angry Birds theme song at 1:35
And the rest of video is all-out LOL moments already 🙂

I am also doing this post so that after viewing it (the Angry Birds Peace Treaty video) you will know what’s coming next when I say “Say what?” 🙂

Update 2012.02.09
The youtube video was taken down recently. Kindly view a copy of it below

Or search “angry birds peace treaty” in youtube