RSA 2009 Day 2

Some of my favorite topics for the RSA 2009 Day 2: On the keynotes side: I like the Moving Towards ‘End to End Trust’: A Collaborative Effort from MS’s Scott Charney. It shows the effort and commitment of MS on building the trust from end to end perspective. On the afternoon sessions its worth mentioning… Continue reading RSA 2009 Day 2

After the TV premiere of Eheads Concert 2009 on GMA-7

I watched the Eraserheads Concert 2009 premiere on GMA-7 last night and realized its not like winning the Philippine Lotto I’m happy to see the other details of the concert that I missed (the hello kitty guitar, etc.) but it seems GMA-7 did not include some of my favorite songs from the premiere 🙁 The… Continue reading After the TV premiere of Eheads Concert 2009 on GMA-7

Gasoline Price Update

A follow up post for my lowest price of unleaded gasoline in Manila series. Taken at a gasoline station in Manila. Its not the lowest price in town (I saw another gas station in Q.C @PHP 30.00/liter). The price still varies (I still see some stations selling unleaded at PHP 33+). It seems gasoline station… Continue reading Gasoline Price Update

My Eraserheads Concert 2009 Experience

March 7, 2009 is really a fun fine time. Just want to share some highlights of the Eraserheads Concert 2009 1. Opening song is Magasin. With matching fireworx! 2. From my Concert Day Wish List, the following songs were played: Fine Time Wishing Wells Sembreak (bonus track) SuperProxy (Dedicated to Francis M) Magasin (opening) Ang… Continue reading My Eraserheads Concert 2009 Experience

Crazy Gasoline Prices

I really do not understand why these unleaded gasoline prices are so unstable nowadays. Take for example this gasoline station in San Juan last week wherein I just loaded 500 pesos worth of gas. And then after two days, I stumbled upon another gasoline station on the same city (San Juan) two kilometers from the… Continue reading Crazy Gasoline Prices