Two Knocks on the Window

I’m a blogger driver. I brave the streets of Metro Manila everyday. This is the main reason why I am very interested in knowing the lowest unleaded gasoline prices and share it to my fellow bloggers and readers. To all the drivers out there, maybe the tip below can help you. You’re familiar with the… Continue reading Two Knocks on the Window

Google Interstitial “This site may harm your computer” on January 31

If you have been online between 11:00PM (GMT+8) and 11:30PM (GMT+8) yesterday, January 31, 2009, and have searched something using Google, you definitely experienced the “This site may harm your computer” results for every search query you’ve had. Even googling the word “Google” will give you the same results. The format of the link was… Continue reading Google Interstitial “This site may harm your computer” on January 31

Friendster Comment Spam

I’ve been itching to write about this Friendster comment spam since the start of the year. Actually the post date of this article is January 7th, 2009 but enough of that. Back to the main story: Do you have a friendster account? Does the phrase “My webcam is finally working, and I want you to… Continue reading Friendster Comment Spam

Happy Chinese New Year

A friend of mine sent out some chinese new year’s greeting yesterday to both his pinoy and chinese friends.  Since the greetings is for prosperity and good luck, I would like to share it in this blog: Chinese New Year is fast approaching!  Jan 25 – New Year’s Eve and Jan 26 – Chinese New… Continue reading Happy Chinese New Year

Blog Q & A

A “Welcome-Back-to-Office” greetings to you and to all the office peons out there. I got some interesting posts from our yahoo groups mailing-list and a bright idea come to my mind 😮 why not blog about it. The original discussion is in Filipino-English and I’ll do some translation/edit to make it menardconnect-friendly. Background: A friend… Continue reading Blog Q & A