Free Six: San Francisco Food

The RSA Conference 2011 is over but I have not blogged about all about my San Francisco adventures. I do not know where to start, but I guess it will be good to begin with great food.

So in the tradition of my free six video, my six cafe world cheats, my six free wow cheats, my six foursquare mayor cheats and my six new Philippine money wishes, here are some six photos of San Francisco food that I really enjoyed during my short stay in SF.

First on the list is of course Panda ExpressOrange Chicken, Mandarin Chicken with Fried Rice. Yum!

Next is Panda(ren) Express’s Honey Walnut Shrimp, Mushroom Chicken with Chow Mien and Fried Rice. And it’s funny that I blogged about panda express in 2010 too.

Next, my teammates and I enjoyed Hana Zen’s Assorted Maki plates.

These assorted maki have a good combination of spice and taste. I consider Hana Zen a good find in San Francisco.

We also had sushi and sashimi, but I don’t fancy raw fish 🙁 so I just enjoyed the hot sake 🙂 and the friendly chat with my teammates.

Last but definitely not the least, is the mouth watering Boudin’s Clam Chowder in sourdough bread bowl. And just like last 2 years,any San Francisco trip will not be complete without the chowder.

Hope you liked my six San Francisco food post.

RSA 2011 Day 01

What is RSA Conference? The RSA Conference is one of the biggest information security conference held annually in San Francisco (and other parts of the world too).

RSA 2011 kicked off today February 14 and will continue up to Friday February 18 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California, USA.
RSA 2011 is dubbed as The Adventures of Alice and Bob. This year, RSA conference is celebrating its 20th year, and this is the reason why I missed the TrendLabs event last weekend.

Just like my RSA 2009 and RSA 2010 posts, I will share some highlights, insights and other RSA stuff here in my blog.

And in tradition of my free six video, my six free wow cheats, my six foursquare mayor tips, here are some six random pics for the RSA 2011 Conference Day 01:

RSA 2011 Banners are all over the place

Even on the floor 🙂

Monday is a windy and rainy Valentine’s Day at the Moscone Center

RSA 2011 listed the twenty years of Information Security milestones from 1992 up to 2011.

Wondering who’s Alice and Bob? Alice and Bob are of course the main figures in many cryptography lessons. Remember the classic lines:

Alice sends a message to Bob encrypted with his public key

Yup. That’s them 🙂

and last but not the least is my favorite cute pic of Mallory running with the Alice’s E.

I guess I will be multi-tasking this week with the conference activities and other official business tasks. But I will do my best and blog about it so watch out for more RSA 2011 posts here in my blog soon.

To know more about the RSA Conference, kindly visit the RSA 2011 website, and check them out on twitter (hashtag #RSAC) and Facebook too.

My Six Resolutions for this 2011

I hope it’s not too late for some new years resolution post, so in the tradition of my six cafe world cheats, my six free wow cheats, my six new philippine money, and my free six video posts, here are my six new year’s resolutions for

1. More posts
I admit that in 2010 I have not posted much. I did some 190 blog posts in 2009 but in 2010 I only did 139 posts 🙁 . I promise to post more here at this year.

2. More Optimization
I have not done much optimization (SEO and stuff) last year. I promise to do more optimization and continue to do more guerilla blogging this 2011.

3. New Look
Last year, I stayed on my comfort zone and decided to stick with 1 theme. As part of my 2nd year anniversary, I experimented with another theme late last year and I like the new look and feel of the blog.

No I do not plan to change the theme every month but I guess I will be more open-minded to changes for the blog this year.

4. More Social Media Integration
Related to the last item, I promise to do more social media integration for the blog. Yes that means Twitter, Facebook and other new stuffs in the net for the blog that will be integrated together with the new look and feel.

5. More Interaction with the Blogosphere
I always feel guilty that I am not doing much on this area. I promise to do more interaction with the blogging community (maybe attend blog conferences, join blog contests and other related activities 🙂 )

6. More Fun
I admit there are some challenges this blog faced last 2010. But there’s a saying that goes like “what won’t kill you will make you stronger” and I think its true because is still here and its still going strong. I believe I have hurdled the challenges and together with the lessons learned last year I just plan to enjoy blogging more this 2011!!!

Pacquiao vs. Margarito on November 13, 2010


Manny Pacquiao wins via Unanimous Decision!!!

MannyPacmanPacquiao will face AntonioTijuana TornadoMargarito on November 13, 2010 (November 14 in Manila) for the vacant WBC Super Welterweight World Title belt at the Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, Texas, USA. I’m rooting for Pacman, just like what I did in the Pacquiao-Hatton, Pacquiao-Dela Hoya, Pacquiao–Cotto and Pacquiao–Clottey fights.

The bout will really be a heated one as I heard of dirty trash talks mentioning the Raps (as in hand wraps) and the Roids (as in steroids).

As Freddie Roach already gave his prediction (Manny will KO Margarito in 1st round) and even the papa of “saling-pusa” joining the prediction fracas, I think its time that I give my share too 🙂

So in the tradition of my free my six free cafe world cheats, my six free social city cheats, my six free petville cheats, my six starcraft 2 crack, my six tagalog love quotes, my six wow mounts and my free six video posts here are my six Pacquiao vs. Margarito predictions (with a twist of course)

  1. There will be no traffic congestion is the streets of Metro Manila during the entire duration of the fight
  2. The one assigned to sing the Philippine National Anthem will make some deviations (whether it be minor or a major major one I don’t know yet)
  3. #pacquiao and #margarito will be a trending topic in Twitter (maybe between 2 to 3 hours before the actual fight)
  4. Pacquiao and Margarito related topics will be in Google Trending and Yahoo Trending (maybe between 3 to 6 hours before the undercard starts)
  5. In conjunction with item 3 and 4, there will be some Black Hat SEO campaign abusing the Pacquiao and Margarito related searches. So be careful OK?
  6. And last but not the least, after the fight, a chicken boxer (with the initials of KFC) will try to steal the show by challenging the winner of the bout! 🙂

Lastly my best wishes to Pacman and Team Pacquiao!

Good-luck and God bless you Manny! Mabuhay ka Manny Pacquiao!

A Blogging Milestone and Some Thank You Notes

I want to start the month on a high note, so I thought why not share some good news about this blog right? I am happy to share that total Google Adsense earnings surpassed reached the 4-digit mark recently. This is really good news for me and I thank God for this wonderful blessing. Thanks also to my family and friends for the support they have given me and My gratitude also to my blogger friends who helped when along the way, some of them (like Marghil, Zigfred, Jehzlau, Tonyo, Macky and Jercyl among others) I have mentioned in my previous posts (see my Guerilla blogger post and my thank you post) and some I’ll be mentioning later. My appreciation also goes to the readers, subscribers and supporters of, I take pleasure in your visits and I promise to do my best in bringing in better blog posts for all of you.

I believe in the saying that “No Man is an Island” and this translates to “No Blog is an island” in the blogosphere. I value the interaction with other bloggers and with the blogging community. So in celebration of this milestone and to show me appreciation to them (and to the whole blogging community too), I am featuring some six blogs and websites here at

1. Pinoy Fitness. Pinoy Fitness is the best resource for Fitness Events in the Philippines. Whether it be a running schedule or race result or an event review or other fitness events update, Jeff have something for it at

2. Hakuna Matata. Arkhe discusses Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), UFC and other sporting events like basketball and boxing at Hakuna Matata blog. I had a chance to collaborate with Arkhe on some of the pacquiao fights and he was really very helpful. Visit his blog at

3. Paradox Equation. Kimwell writes about Photography, Games and other topics at Paradox Equation. I met Kimwell online via one of the blogging experiments in the net and have the chance to interact with him on several Facebook games posts. Visit his blog at

4. Spider Ham World. Spiderham talks about Movies, TV shows, games, books and magazines on his blog. He also takes cool pics with Dietrich (his Nikon cam) and shares them in his blog. Some pics in the past posts are courtesy of Spiderham and I’m happy to promote his blog here at Visit his blog at

5. Pseudo Barefoot Runner. BarefootDaves shares his views on running in his Pseudo Barefoot Runner Blog. His blog discusses running topics that range from barefoot running/minimalist to race event reviews and running experiences. Visit his blog at
6. Batangas Today. Batangas Today is a website discussing latest news on Batangas and around the world. Spearheaded by Marhgil of, Batangas Today is backed up by wonderful staff (you guys and gals deserve a separate blog shout out in the future) and the website have updates for a wide variety of topics ranging from Science, Technology, Business, Sports, Entertainment, World Events and more. Visit the website at

You might be wondering why only six? I’m doing in this the tradition of my six free cafe world cheats, my six free petville cheats, my six free wow tips, my six social city cheats, my six starcraft 2 crack, and my free six video posts. I acknowledge that other blogs, websites and blogger friends are worthy of this kind of post so I promise to do another free six blog and websites shout out post soon here at

Osaka Trip 2010

During my recent Japan trip this week, we had the chance to visit the wonderful city of Osaka. And in the tradition of my six starcraft 2 crack, my six tagalog love quotes, my six free cafe world cheats, my six free petville cheats, my six free social city cheats, my six free wow mounts and my free six video posts here are six photos from my Osaka visit:

1. Shinkansen

Shinkansen is the Japanese Bullet Train. We took this Nozomi Shinkansen from Shinagawa to Shin-Osaka. The ride is smooth, fast, comfy and amazingly on-time.

2. Universal Studios Japan

After doing our official business-related activities, we dropped by Universal Studios Japan in Osaka.
3. Universal City Walk

I am not missing Eastwood City Walk as our office already left Libis. But it’s good to see that there is another City Walk here in Osaka and decorations are all ready for the Halloween.

4. Jump Shop

Seen in Jump Shop Universal Studios Osaka. Cool Luffy!

5. Osaka Castle

We tried to go near the Osaka Castle, but I cannot get a decent shot with my low-tech point and shoot cam as it was getting late at night. So I’ll settle with this clear shot of the buildings near the outer walls.

6. Okonomiyaki

And lastly, we had Osaka-styled Okonomiyaki for dinner. My officemates told me that “okonomi” means “to one’s liking” and “yaki” means grilled, so this pancake is a grilled pancake that can contain anything from pork, beef, seafood, veggies or a mixed of anything you like. This is the last 2 slices as we have finished some 3~4 whole Okonomiyaki before (I forgot to take pic, too hungry 🙂 )

Hope you like my six pictures from my Osaka trip.

Tokyo Visit 2010

I am on official business in Tokyo this week so there was no new posts in

Schedule is still tight but I think i can squeeze some picture posting here. In the tradition of my free my six free cafe world cheats, my six free petville cheats, my six tagalog love quotes, my six social city cheats, my six starcraft 2 crack, my six free wow cheats and my free six video posts here are six random photos from this Tokyo trip:
1. Delta Airlines

First time to fly Delta. No fancy dancing flight attendants 🙂 but overall experience is good.

2. Shinjuku View

View from our office building. Our office is in the center of Shinjuku District. I love this lattice building in the middle.

3. Mcgriddles FTW!

Mcdonalds is the breakfast lifesaver here. I love their Mcgriddles!

4. Traditional Ramen

A hot traditional Ramen for our first night in Tokyo.

5. Korean BBQ

We had Korean BBQ for our second night dinner.

6. Katsudon

Some homemade-style Katsudon for lunch!

That’s all for now, will post more soon!!!

My WordCamp 2010 Experience

WordCamp is a blogging conference organized by the local WordPress community. It is done in major cities around the globe and I’ve attended last year’s WordCamp Philippines 2009 at AIM in Makati. This year’s WordCamp Philippines (WordCampPH) 2010 was held last October 2, 2010 at the College of Saint Benilde in Manila.

This is a long overdue post as I usually write about blog events experience a day or two after attending it. But as usual I’m occupied with a lot of other stuff (hehe excuses!) so the long wait over and I’m sharing my WordCamp 2010 experience here 🙂

In the tradition of my six free cafe world cheats, my free six video, my six Starcraft 2 Crack, my six foursquare badge posts here are my six highlights for WordCamp Philippines 2010:

1. The Matt Factor
Finally met Mr. WordPress himself: Matt Mullenweg. Matt is the founder/developer of WordPress and he hosted a Town Hall-style Question and Answer session for the WordCampPH. Questions about WordPress, Hello Dolly plugin and even the possibility of a movie about his life (ala-Mark Zuckerberg) was gamely responded by Matt.
He is really a very simple guy who gives candid replies to the queries posted on him. I liked Matt’s honest and witty response to the campers. Im following Matt on twitter now 🙂

2. The Sessions
I arrived in the afternoon as I was not feeling well that day 🙁 . But I tried my best and I got in the conference room just in time to attend Danny Arao‘s session on blogging ethics. Again Sir Danny wowed the campers with his views on blogging, journalism and one of his favorite topics (politics 🙂 ). Aside from Matt’s Q & A session I also enjoyed Ms. Aileen Apolo-De Jesus presentation about Google. It’s also great to know about Piclyf (presented by Eric), a homegrown photo-sharing site.

3. WordCamp Innovation
I missed the morning sessions where they had several discussion tracks. But I strongly believe this is a good innovation for WordCampPH as campers can attend several sessions depending on their area of interest and WordPress experience.

Will share related links soon…

The Camper’s website is really cool and have good useful tools for pre-conference announcements/reminders.

4. Funny and Wacky Moments
Campers will surely remember Third’s and another blogger’s as the funniest and wackiest domain names for WordCampPH (which won them some good wordcamp giveaways). The blogger behind (will link to you as soon as I find your main site) even explained he got the domain so that he can have the email address babangonako<at>! Nice!

5. Wordcamp Freebies
Cool WordcampPH Shirt (pic coming soon) + of course the WordPress schwags (pics to follow soon) +  WordCamp ID and..

6. Prizes Galore!!!
I am really impressed how the organizers gave away so many giveaways (gift checks, free hosting account and other freebies). Maybe there’s are a lot of generous sponsors 🙂

The free WiFi is also a winner and its courtesy of Smart 🙂 so I have twitted some here and here.

Congratulations to the WordPress Philippines 2010 organizers (Andrew, Chattee, Migs, Brendel, Dulce, Lyle, Jim, Ria and Winston)!

Thanks also to the WordCamp sponsors and to CSB student volunteers who helped in the making the event a successful one!

See you in Wordcamp Philippines 2011!

View what others are saying about WordCampPH 2011:

Free Six Starcraft 2 Cheat Codes and Tricks

Do you still recall the following quotes:

Operation CWAL

There Is NO Cow Level

Power Overwhelming

Show Me The Money

Black Sheep Wall

Radio Free Zerg

Yup, they are the classic and original Starcraft Cheat Codes.

And in the tradition of my free six video, my six cafe world cheats, my six petville cheats, my six social city cheats and my six hotel city cheats, here are some six Starcraft 2 Cheat Codes:







What will each of the Starcraft 2 Cheat Codes do? Try it yourself and have fun in playing the Starcraft 2 game.

Hope you like my follow up post to my awesome Starcraft 2 Crack post.

Enjoy the game!!!

Free Six Info: Happy Father’s Day Quotes

Happy Fathers Day!!!

Special greetings to my Papa in Quezon and my Tatay in Laguna the two persons that Raven and I greeted last week a super-advanced happy fathers day (honestly it was a minor boo-boo, we thought that it was last week, but our moms reminded us it 3rd week of June, so we just said was a 1-week advance… palusot). Special Father Day greetings also goes to my kuyas, my friends and barkadas, my titos and my ninongs.

In the tradition of my free six video, my six tagalog love quotes, my six hotel city cheats, my six social city cheats and my six cafe world cheats, I am posting some six father day quotes below

“A father is a banker provided by nature.” – French Proverb
“A father carries pictures where his money used to be.” -Anonymous
“The older I get, the smarter my father seems to get.” – Tim Russert
“It is a wise child that knows his own father.” – Homer Simpson
“Never raise your hand to your kids. It leaves your groin unprotected.”– Red Buttons
“By profession, I am a soldier and take pride in that fact. But I am prouder – infinitely prouder – to be a father. A soldier destroys in order to build; the father only builds, never destroys. The one has the potentiality of death; the other embodies creation and life. And while the hordes of death are mighty, the battalions of life are mightier still. It is my hope that my son, when I am gone, will remember me not from the battle field but in the home repeating with him our simple daily prayer, ‘Our Father who art in Heaven.’ ” – Douglas Macarthur

Quotes taken from my Happy Fathers Day Quotes post.