Twitter Analytics Online

Twitter launched some cool features last week.

Going to will give you great metrics about your tweets and your followers.
For followers stats, it shows data about your followers interests (Top Interests and Most Unique Interests), location, gender and list tweeps your followers also follow.


For the tweets metrics, it highlights your tweets impressions and engagement data. Good visualization given the data is free.


For the followers stats, I believe it’s already there as you check it out, but for the tweets metrics, you need to somewhat enable it (or login once into the analytics page) to start the population of data.

We might argue that these are geeky data points, but my personal take here is that in this interconnected world of social media this is good and interesting data (and quite possibly profitable too *hint* *hint*) .

No security issues so far but I will try to update this post (and my soon to be re-launched tech blog) if I find something new.

The 100 Twitter Rules To Live By

I am re-posting an article about social media that I really love. Darren Rovell, a sports business reporter from ESPN, ABC and CNBC, wrote it and I have read and re-read it many times. It was very useful when I was confused or frustrated with twitter and social media in general before and it really help shape my twitter and social media strategy.

While I do not agree on each of the 100 “rules”, majority of “rules” are really good advice and some really hit the spot so I believe it is worth the re-post.



To celebrate my 1362nd day in twitter (and the 700th follower count too) I am sharing it here in

1. Twitter is for everyone. A person in any profession can help his or her career if he or she utilizes it correctly.

2. Only follow your friends if they have something you want to hear. Facebook is for friendships.

3. For the rest of eternity, no one is going to believe you if you said you were hacked, even if you were. Sorry.

4. Please don’t link your Foursquare and Twitter accounts. Your Twitter followers signed up for your Twitter content, not the fact that you just became the mayor of Starbucks.

5. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was your Twitter account. Developing a strong following takes time and effort.

6. Always credit your source if you find content worth sharing. Think like a journalist when you’re passing along quality info.

7. Don’t ask to be followed. Twitter is a meritocracy. Earn it.

8. Don’t tweet out inspirational quotes unless that’s the purpose of your account. By now everyone has heard “Carpe Diem, seize the day.” -Horace

9. Don’t tweet that you are bored. Now I am too.

10. If you follow someone, don’t be offended if they don’t follow you back. Not everyone plays for “Team Followback.” Earn their follow from strong, periodic @replies if you feel that you have something to offer.

11. Don’t be tempted by the speed of Twitter. Take a breath before each tweet and ask, “If I was a follower, would I want to read this?” If not, delete it.

12. Unless you are a pro athlete, don’t tell me that you are at the gym. I get it, you work out.

13. Proofread your tweets. The amount of typos in 140 characters is mind blowing.

14. Find your Twitter niche, but don’t be afraid to branch out a little. Most followers enjoy a little variety every now and then.

15. Quantity of tweets is fine as long as it’s quality. I average more than 40 tweets a day.

16. Unless you are 14 years old, don’t make your account private. No strangers will want to request to follow you.

17. Do not use a default Twitter background. Instead, use an image or photo that complements your interests or personality.

18. Follow Friday’s are perhaps the emptiest tweets on all of Twitter, unless you tell me why they deserve my follow.

19. Want to give your recommendation more oomph? Do it on Tuesday; nobody is expecting it.

20. Just because you are getting slammed doesn’t mean you should blame Twitter. Learn to absorb the hate and get a thicker skin, it’s useful in life.

21. If you’re RTing (retweeting) someone with comment, it’s OK to shorten up their original tweet in order to keep it under 140. Just don’t alter the original person’s intended message.

22. Don’t harbor on the fact that you lost one follower. Rejoice in the fact that you gained two.

23. Athletes & celebs blame Twitter when “sharing” goes wrong. It’s not the sharing of information that’s the issue, it’s what you share.

24. Never ask for a RT (Retweet) for your birthday (or for any reason).

25. Never fulfill a birthday RT request.

26. Your avatar should intrigue/humor viewers. Change it up. But whatever you do, no animated GIFs! (Graphics Interchange Format)

27. Make good use of your Twitter bio space. “Mother, Sister, Daughter, Lover of Life” does absolutely nothing to spark someone’s interest.

28. Don’t get offended if someone unfollows you. Instead, use it as a learning experience. Perhaps your tweets need some tweaking. Everyone is entitled to a trial run before purchasing your product.

29. People love screengrabs. Those that are experts at capturing the perfect TV shot (like @bubbaprog and @jose3030) do well on Twitter.

30. Know when something has reached a critical mass. Look around to see if your entire timeline has tweeted the same quote. Hold back.

31. Know why people follow you. If you’re a foodie, don’t send 20 Florida Marlins tweets on a single night.

32. Instead of complaining about spam bots offering you free iPads, take 3 seconds and report them as spam. Help solve the problem.

33. Check out your followers. If someone’s bio looks interesting, follow them.

34. Go through who you’re following every few months. Weed out the bad, the non-existent & those you feel don’t suit your interests.

35. If you get retweeted, don’t automatically expect new followers. People evaluate your feed before following, so it’s not an automatic process.

36. Twitter Search may be the most valuable search engine on the Internet. Use it.

37. Always put your comment before the RT. Commenting after the original tweet makes it difficult to distinguish your comment from the original.

38. Twitter is the ultimate on-the-go tool. Find an app you can tweet most comfortably with & learn the heck out of it.

39. Don’t tweet and drive. Unless you are very good at it.

40. Twitter isn’t a Monday to Friday site. It flows straight through the weekend.

41. Don’t ask your followers what’s going on with a certain topic. Follow the right people & use Twitter’s search box.

42. Double-check your links to make sure they work prior to tweeting. If you do happen to screw up a tweet, don’t follow up with a “Whoops, here’s the correct link” tweet. Just remove the old and tweet the new.

43. Have a friend who bashes the fact that you’re on Twitter? Log them in for a week & show them how it works. In no other walk of life have people bashed something so fervently that they haven’t tried.

44. Friend didn’t adhere to Tip 43? People who don’t use Twitter don’t get it. They’ll mock you, but it’s their loss. Keep doing your thing.

45. Want to partake in a funny movie-related trending topic? Tweet one, not ten.

46. Good follow partaking in #AnnoyingHashtag? Some Twitter apps have a temporary “Hide” or “Mute” feature. (Your secret is safe with me.)

47. Often referred to as a “Master Tweet,” never, ever RT yourself.

48. When sharing a link, try to add a little flavor to it. Your followers want content from a person, not a robot.

49. Ask your followers for good accounts to follow. Twitter can suggest everyone they want to, but the best follows will come from your followers.

50. Create lists to sort your interests. It will come in handy when you want a specific group’s most recent tweets.

51. Don’t announce when you’ve unfollowed someone. Egos run rampant enough on Twitter, so just quietly unfollow and move on.

52. Don’t obsess about missing something in your timeline. Obsess about furthering the dialogue.

53. See a tweet with content that you’d like to check out later? Many Twitter apps have an “E-mail Tweet” option. Maximize efficiency by using your inbox as your personal “to-do” list. Also, “Favorite” a tweet for later.

54. Avoid using underscores and long, jumbled number sequences in your Twitter handle. People should be able to recite your handle from memory.

55. Don’t RT something with comment that is better suited for an @reply or DM. Wasting your followers’ time is a no-no.

56. Stop tweeting how much your Twitter account is valued at. The only thing your account is worth at that point is an unfollow.

57. Don’t tweet about something amazing you just saw without including a pic. That’s the ultimate Twitter tease right there.

58. People don’t care what you’re doing, they care what you’re seeing.

59. If you are going to tweet a long quote, use Twitlonger. Don’t continue a quote through three tweets. It becomes very fragmented since most people are following a lot of people.

60. Short tweets stand out. Try saying something poignant in 50 characters. It has a great chance of getting RT’d.

61. If you’re a journalist, take it easy on the pre-promotion. Reading that you are going to be on in Grand Rapids is annoying. Now if you say something good after you’re done in Grand Rapids, tweet it out.

62. Don’t go too long without checking your @mentions. Twitter isn’t a one-way street and you should take in valuable feedback.

63. Just because this isn’t face-to-face communication doesn’t mean you should disrespect people. There are real humans behind the computers.

64. Only change your Twitter handle if you’re absolutely convinced that it will be a smart move in the long haul (i.e., fewer characters, easier to remember, etc.). Your handle becomes your identity. Change your background/avatar/bio if you’re looking to switch things up.

65. Don’t give your followers a play-by-play or box score of a sporting event. If they are interested, they are watching.

66. Go easy on the Instagrams. Yes, your iPhone takes pretty good pics and there’s an app to age them. It doesn’t make you a professional photographer.

67. Show your gratitude when a company goes above and beyond for you. If you are impressed, let your followers know.

68. When mentioning a person or brand, use their Twitter handle if they use the service.

69. Unless replying to a specific Tweet, don’t start your entry with an @mention because only those who follow that person / brand will see it (unless that is your intention).

70. If including a photo with your message, make sure it is crisp and represents the subject matter correctly.

71. All photos should have the correct orientation, don’t make someone rotate their head when you could take the time to rotate the photo.

72. If you have 200,000 followers and you follow no one, you aren’t getting the full Twitter experience. Twitter isn’t a megaphone, it’s a telephone.

73. Don’t always use Twitter’s “Retweet” button. If you find something worth retweeting, use “RT” & get the credit you deserve for finding it.

74. Get hate-tweets? It probably means you’re doing something right. Chances are the hater has less than 200 followers anyway.

75. Following athletes/celebrities is usually pointless. Twitter is about good tweets; not hearing an NBA star say, “What’s good, fellas?!” Make a list if you want to follow them, but don’t invite them into your timeline.

76. Run a company? Don’t have your employees sign the tweets with their personal signature. Followers don’t care & you’re just wasting characters. Unless it’s “BO” on the White House feed.

77. Have a good tweet at 3:17AM? If you’re not the first to tweet the Vancouver riot kissing couple, hold on to it. Chances are you’ll get more eyeballs at 10:00AM.

78. Use a real location in your bio, not a state of mind or something pretentious like “On the move.”

79. Have 3 good tweets to send out that aren’t time sensitive? Schedule them at different times (you can use platforms like Tap 11) so each one gets the proper attention.

80. Network! Twitter allows you to connect with just about anyone. Reach out… You’d be surprised how quickly you can hit it off.

81. Don’t plainly RT someone; add your touch to the tweet – even if it’s just a word or two.

82. Choosing a new Twitter name? Again, keep it short. Do the talking in your bio (i.e. @JoeSmithWCQR should be @JoeSmith).

83. When someone visits your account, your tweets are your resume. Fill it up with @mentions and you’re missing out on potential new followers.

84. Stop forming your tweets as hypothetical letters to inanimate objects. “Dear Sun: I am very hot today. Shine away. Sincerely, Me.” This was creative about a year ago.

85. If you have a critical mass of followers, use amount of retweets and mentions on certain topics to gauge what’s generally hot and what’s generally not.

86. Keep the smiley faces & CAPS to a bare minimum. I’m sure you’re happy, but you’re not that HAPPY.

87. Funny tweets speak for themselves. There’s no need to add “lol” in a retweet.

88. Stay away from song lyrics, even if it describes your mood perfectly.

89. Don’t overdo it with the #hashtags. A few key words is fine, but the run-on sentence hash tag has been done.

90. If any athlete/celebrity ever says anything good, it will be retweeted quickly.

91. Don’t be afraid to follow, and tweet out, strangers. There are smart people outside of your circle of friends.

92. Never RT a list of Follow Friday’s that someone included you in. If you’re really that excited about it, mark it as a Favorite and spare your followers.

93. If you’re with a group of people who also happen to have Twitter, refrain from going on a tweet-tagging spree. Instead, take a picture and tag your friends on Facebook.

94. If you’re using Twitter primarily via text, you’re selling yourself short. Depending on your notifications setup, you’ll be either bombarded or behind. Also, good luck fixing errant tweets. It’s time to invest in a smart-phone.

95. If you experience Twitter writer’s block, just take a break. You don’t have a daily quota to meet, so there’s no need to force it. Your followers will be pleased with consistent, quality content.

96. Get people who surround you on a daily basis on Twitter. Believe me, it’s a marriage tip too.

97. Don’t tweet during important life occasions. Savor the moment; Twitter will be there for you when it’s all done.

98. Klout Score > Follower Count. Check out and see where you rank.

99. I don’t care how ugly you think you are, set an avatar. Nobody wants to follow a colored egg. It only means your future on Twitter is “cooked.”

100. Spend time with people you know in real life because who are you going to talk to when Twitter gets over capacity?


Original article is from CNBC (posted July 2011).

Some link love too to the site where I first read the post.

Good #Security Move From Twitter

Twitter announced yesterday that HTTPS will be turned on by default for all users.

image credit: and

Quoting the Official Twitter Blog post:

Now, HTTPS will be on by default for all users, whenever you sign in to If you prefer not use it, you can turn it off on your Account Settings page. HTTPS is one of the best ways to keep your account safe and it will only get better as we continue to improve HTTPS support on our web and mobile clients.

In my opinion this is really a good security move from Twitter as HTTPS is more secure than plain HTTP.

Yes, I understand that HTTPS is not foolproof but at least it will provide some layer of protection for web and mobile web users.

I did some comparison before and noted that Twitter and Facebook both provides HTTPS as an opt-in security option while Google+ have it as default. Not sure if this is still the case for Facebook and Google+.

Kudos to the Twitter Team for making this commendable security move!

For more details kindly visit the the Official Twitter Blog post

Tweetdeck Update Hang?

Tweetdeck is a cool way to organize twitter updates. Tweetdeck can also act as a real-time browser, and help you manage not just Twitter tweets, but also Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and Google Buzz updates as well.

Yesterday my Tweetdeck update hanged, and usually Tweetdeck updates are smooth so I got curious.

And I also noted that this issue was encountered by some of my tweeps too. So I played around tweetdeck settings and well I guess I solved it 🙂 . And now I’m happy so I’m sharing how I solved my Tweetdeck Update Hang issue here at

Step 1. Launch Tweetdeck Support. How? It’s that question mark (?) button usually found at the upper right part of the Tweetdeck screen.

Just click it and proceed to next step

Step 2. The problem seems to be with Tweetdeck version 0.38.1. So you need to download the latest version, for our case the fixed version will be v0.38.2.

Step 3. Your default web browser will open the website with the Download Now button. So click the Download Now button to get the latest Tweetdeck version

Step 4. Next you will be asked to download an Adobe Air installer file. (file name is Tweetdeck_0_38.2.air) from domain.

Choose either open or save. If you open it will be simpler, but if you choose to save, you need to run/execute/double-click) the file manually.

Step 5. Important Step: Close the Tweetdeck desktop application, so that you can update it.

Step 6. Last Step is to click replace so you can update the Tweetdeck desktop update

There you have it: Tweetdeck update hang issue fixed.

If you find the steps helpful kindly leave some comments below or say “Hi @menardconnect” to me in twitter 🙂

Hope you like my Tweetdeck update post!

The Manny Pacquiao Twitter Scandal

NO! This Manny Pacquiao scandal is not with the sexy starlet-leading lady of Manny. This one is hotter than that… and it’s on Twitter 🙂

We all know that Congressman MannyPacmanPacquiao is on Twitter. His account is @CongMP and he admitted owning this account in live TV (via GMA News sometime last month).

From then on I know that @CongMP account is legit so I was really surprised to learn that I cannot access it today around 3:45PM (GMT+8). So I did some research and some twit brigade check.

My twitter friends sent some replies related to this and behold, Manny Pacquiao twitter account DID send some nasty tweets to some pinoy tweeps last night (maybe during the heat of discussion regarding the impeachment case of the Ombudsman).

Even though @CongMP twitter account was deleted this afternoon, we all know that digital evidence stays in the Internet thanks to Google Cache and TwitPic, so let me present to you the Manny Pacquiao Twitter Scandal:

See screencapture of the @CongMP twitter account

This one is via google cache (Hat tip to Marhgil). Google Cache link below (kindly cut and paste)

And this one is via Twitpic courtesy of @antonholmes and @momblogger
Full twitpic image link below (kindly cut and paste)

One of the tweets from @CongMP reads

e di mag reklamo ka sa lolo mong panot hahahaha

And to the benefit of my non-Filipino readers, the tweet roughly translates to

Go complain to your bald grandfather, hahahaha

in Filipino.

It seems that Pacman can take the trash talk from Mayweather Jr and Sr and Margarito but he is pikon to some pinoy tweeps’ political tweets.

I am not a language expert but to my knowledge this “Lolo mong panot” reply is a childish one given by someone is really annoyed (or maybe pikon na). I’m not here to judge Manny, but my opinion is that even if Manny Pacquiao said it as a joke, I think it’s an inappropriate tweet from a respected public official with 27,000+ followers in Twitter.

There are a lot of scenario (of excuses and palusots) that we can play here. Maybe its not him tweeting or maybe his twitter account got hacked (haha conspiracy theory again?). The scenarios may be too many to mention but the bottomline is that I find the the decision to delete the @CongMP account an admission of  “I messed up my twitter account badly” and “maybe if I delete this, we can all forget about this issue”. But the fact remains… digital evidence stays in the internet for a long long time.

At the end of the day, Pacman is still my idol on the boxing ring… but definitely he is not my favorite on Twitter.

WordPress Stats Broken?

I’m running a hosted wordpress blog and logged in my admin page this evening (October 4, 2010, 11 PM GMT +8) and I noticed that my WordPress Stats seems to be broken. WordPress Dashboard have this Site Stats tab:

and clicking it will redirect me to a login page for my old blog.

I know this and this WordPress Stats plugin was tightly integrated before and is working smoothly. I did not have similar problems for a long long time (xx number of months) until today. Admins can manually enter their account and choose their blog to get their wordpress stats, but hey that’s a messy process for me (and hopefully most admins will agree too).

I searched the net but top results and it points me to old discussions in support forums with entries and updates dated some 1~2 years ago.

Twitter searches about WordPress Stats Broken seems to yield better results: other wordpress bloggers are tweeting about it so I’m not alone 🙂 Twitter is really more real-time!!!

Funny thing here is I am about to post my Wordcamp Philippines 2010 insights, but I guess I can postpone it for another day and try to research more on how to resolve this issue (will update this post asap).

For wordpress bloggers out there: Is your wordpress stats broken too? Share your experience (and solutions too if you have) by leaving some comments here or contact me via my contact page.

Update 2010.10.05

As of 1:30AM (GMT+8)  It seems this is fixed now.

On Mayor and Badge: Foursquare

What is this Foursquare?

Before I was a very curious why some people I follow in twitter are sending too many tweets about Foursquare. So I tried it out and I got hooked. And now I find this foursquare as so much fun.

In the tradition of my free six video, my six free cafe world cheats, my six hotel city cheats, my six tagalog love quotes, my six Starcraft 2 crack post, here are six information and insights on Foursquare:

1. What is Foursquare?
Foursquare is a location based social networking site + mobile application + fun game all rolled into one. Users tell Foursquare where they are by doing a “check in” to their venue via SMS messaging, mobile application or via web. By checking in users earn points, credits and other rewards. In Foursquare, you can see who among your foursquare friends are in the same city, etc.

2.What are Foursquare Badges?
Foursquare badges are the rewards given to foursquare users upon completing some task or achievement. They are displayed on the user profile so its some sort of a status symbol. Some foursquare badges are easy to acquire (like the newbie badge) and some foursquare badges are very challenging. I’m new to foursquare and I consider myself as a moderate user and I have 9 foursquare badges so far:

Some of my friends have 20+ to 30+ badges 🙂

3. Why do I see a lot of Foursquare and links in Twitter and Facebook?
Foursquare is well integrated with Facebook and Twitter and foursquare user can opt to display their foursquare activity in twitter tweets and Facebook status updates. is the shortened link for the foursquare venues.

4. What mobile platforms support Foursquare?
Foursquare applications are available for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and other popular mobile platforms (like Nokia S60).

(image courtesy of Foursquare)

Users can also check in the venues via their mobile phone and desktop if they have Internet access.

5. What is a Foursquare Mayor?
The user who has been to the venue the most (the most numbers of check-ins) will become the Mayor of that Foursquare venue.

Foursquare support explains the Foursquare Mayorship in their help page:

We calculate mayorships based on the most *days* with check-ins in the past 60 days (so 2 check-ins to the same place in one day just count 1x). Look out though – if someone else comes along who has checked in more days than you, they will steal the “Mayor” title back from you.

For foursquare fanatics the battle for Foursquare mayorship is the heart of the challenge especially for a well-known and well-frequented venue.

6. Is that all for Foursquare?
Foursquare is also for Businesses (those managing the venue). I am not well versed on the business model and other business stuff but I think this is worth looking into (as I see big brands in the US making use of this feature). I suggest that businesses explore this by trying out foursquare first and checking out their Foursquare for businesses page.

Visit the foursquare site for more info.

On the Philippines scene, I believe Foursquare is gaining ground. I saw some Starbucks badges from my pinoy tweeps and 2 biggie mobile phone providers added me as their foursquare friends recently J

Lastly, Foursquare is social networking site and just like other social networking sites, there are some associated risk in sharing too much information. I’d like to discuss this more on detail but that may be worth another post in the future.

Hope you liked my foursquare post.
Feel free to share some Foursquare experience in the comment section.

My #SentiSabado Experience

Last week, my friend Tonyo tweeted that there will be a #Sentisabado this September 4, 2010. At the mention of Bazooka Bubble Gum and Kaypee shoes on the following tweets, I got the hint that this will be a fun filled event in twitter.

But what is Sentisabado anyway? Dissecting the word: “Senti” is short for sentimental and sometimes we call somebody a “Senti” when he or she is reminiscing old stuff (usually childhood memories/etc). “Sabado” is Saturday in Filipino, so for me Sentisabado is about reminiscing childhood memories in twitter. Take your pick 70’s, 80’s or 90’s and tweet it away with the #sentisabado hashtag.

Fast forward to Saturday, it was a busy day for me, as I need to attend to some personal and family stuff in Pasig and in Laguna. I logged into twitter using a “borrowed” wireless connection and lo! and behold the #sentisabado fever is on.

I first tweeted about my favorite cartoon show then: Inhumanoids and Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Lights. I was surprised that it was also the favorite of Tonyo, Jyethrox, Silvakreuz and BlueBaby98

Next I remembered chewing Bazooka Bubble Gum and enjoying the little comic strip that came with it, so why not tweet right? And other tweeps have the same experience.

Marghil reminded me of the Pepsi number game and several tweeps like VSisLove confirmed that it’s the number 349 was the “magic” number way back then 🙂

Silvakreuz tweeted about WWF’s famous rivalry of Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior and I replied back I needed to add Andre the Giant and the Million Dollar Man to the Royal Rumble. Marocharim added his memories of the epic feud Jeff Jarrett vs. Aldo Montoya (sorry Marck but I guess that wrestling battle happened after my eldest brother told me that WWF is scripted and then I lost track of new wrestlers and lost interest in watching wrestling matches in TV).

My Sentisabado experience will not be complete without me tweeting my favorite games. I twitted about Atari’s Pacman, Space Invaders and Galaxian, and Nintendo Family Computer’s Super Mario series, Battle City, Contra and the konami code. Surprisingly Arbet reminded me that Atari and Nintendo both distributed their games in big cartridges and Silvakreuz joined us in reminiscing how we blow (hihipan) the end of the game cartridges (the one with the pvc exposed) to make it work in case the graphics and game itself seems to be malfunctioning. And this tweets reminded me of a post which I have on my Blog Post To Do List (menardconnect gaming interest from Atari to PC)

As my “borrowed” Internet connection in Laguna encountered some technical issues already, I logged out and did not track the rest of the tweets for the sentisabado. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this #sentisabado event and I’m looking forward for the next one 🙂

I love to add other tweeps funny, witty and touching posts on #sentisabado, but I believe that will be worth another blog entry in the future.

Btw, #Sentisabado made it to top trending topics in twitter. Congrats to all who participated.

Join us in Facebook : Sentisabado FB Page

Want to know more about Sentisabado? Read other blogger post below:

Want to share your Sentisabado experience? Want to add your sentisabado post to this blog post? Kindly drop me a comment at the end of the post or drop me a note via my contact page.

Michel Bastos of Lyon

Who is Michel Bastos? Is he the long lost brother of Boy Bastos? Forgive my ignorance. Maybe because of my culture and background but searching for available information in the net saves the day.

It all started when my friend Silvakreuz tweeted that Michel Bastos is trending in twitter, and I curiously seached for needed info.

It turns out that Michel Fernandes Bastos is a football player born in Pelotas, Brazil. He is a member of Brazil National Football Team and is playing for Olympique Lyonnais, the French Football Club more popularly known as Lyon.

Photo credits to Wikimedia Commons and Flickr

On why is he trending in twitter, sorry I don’t know because the tweets I’ve seen are either in Portuguese and French. Kindly drop me a note in the comment section if you know why (Please comment in English OK 🙂 ) But in the mean time, here are some Michel Bastos Lyon videos courtesy of Youtube.

To my Portuguese and French readers sake, I’d like to share who is this Boy Bastos in the Philippines scene. Bastos is a Filipino word that roughly translates to rude, impolite, not courteous, indecent, immodest, and shameless  (source: Urban Dictionary –  So this Boy Bastos is an little boy who shares his  funny stories (mostly indecent and immoral jokes and is meant for the adult crowd) and was part of a barber tales and pop culture.

I therefore conclude that Michel Bastos is _NOT_ related to Boy Bastos. Michel Bastos is such a wonderful football player and Boy Bastos is… never mind 🙂

Hayley Williams Twitpic Scandal Pics

Hayley Nicole Williams is the lead vocalist of the band Paramore. I’ve heard obscure stories and reports that she lost her phone and/or her twitter account was hacked recently and as a result some scandalous pics of Hayley Williams was posted in twitter and twitpic and is now available the Internet. I also read some blog articles that the “hack” was a staged one and this was just done as a publicity stunt. Poor girl 🙁

Are you looking for that Hayley Williams Twitpic that have been making rounds in the net? Sorry you will _NOT_ find it here 🙂 but you can enjoy some good old Paramore Video courtesy of Youtube below

My prediction:
There will be some (or maybe there already are) malicious searches related to this topic (just like what we saw with the Anne Curtis) and of course it will be courtesy of the bad guy’s black hat SEO. So be careful of what you search and click OK?

I will post some updates here soon.