Twitter Analytics Online

Twitter launched some cool features last week. Going to will give you great metrics about your tweets and your followers. For followers stats, it shows data about your followers interests (Top Interests and Most Unique Interests), location, gender and list tweeps your followers also follow. For the tweets metrics, it highlights your tweets impressions… Continue reading Twitter Analytics Online

Tweetdeck Update Hang?

Tweetdeck is a cool way to organize twitter updates. Tweetdeck can also act as a real-time browser, and help you manage not just Twitter tweets, but also Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and Google Buzz updates as well. Yesterday my Tweetdeck update hanged, and usually Tweetdeck updates are smooth so I got curious. And I also… Continue reading Tweetdeck Update Hang?

WordPress Stats Broken?

I’m running a hosted wordpress blog and logged in my admin page this evening (October 4, 2010, 11 PM GMT +8) and I noticed that my WordPress Stats seems to be broken. WordPress Dashboard have this Site Stats tab: and clicking it will redirect me to a login page for my old blog. I… Continue reading WordPress Stats Broken?

Michel Bastos of Lyon

Who is Michel Bastos? Is he the long lost brother of Boy Bastos? Forgive my ignorance. Maybe because of my culture and background but searching for available information in the net saves the day. It all started when my friend Silvakreuz tweeted that Michel Bastos is trending in twitter, and I curiously seached for needed… Continue reading Michel Bastos of Lyon

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